Beware, the Potholes!

As I trundled my way across from the Eastside into Ballard last Monday, I was again rudely reminded of the pathetically poor pavement in the Seattle area. As I arrived at my counselor’s office in Ballard, I didn’t know if I needed mental help, or backboard to isolate a spinal compression fracture. Alas, I could still get out of the car.

As my head stopped its incessant vibrating (this day, it was not the caffeine), I hearkened back to my past travels to East Germany, prior to its reunification. Sheeeshh! The roads there, frozen in time and disrepair since WWII, were not too far worse then the bone-jarring potholefest we call pavement in Seattle. I ain’t kiddin’. Why is this?

After all, the ticket police are out in force, even slapping me, a hapless Eastsider, with a Zone violation (parking in a residential area after hours). There is plenty of investment into new-fangled, bug-prone new parking systems to streamline the gathering of revenues. Yet, I drive around Seattle like I am in some kind of mad slalom, avoiding gaping holes with jagged edges. And it appears there are no improvements in sight. Though the City of Seattle would have you think otherwise.

My Volvo dealer is thrilled though, selling me all manner of suspension and front end repairs. I wonder if I could bill the City of Seattle?

Seattle – great city, but horrible pavement. Beware, the potholes!

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