Looking for Y. Trabet

Shamelessly ganked from the Seattle Livejournal Community, because I think this is a wonderfully fun little harmless prank. Just who is the mysterious Y. Trabet?

Bizarre series of incident… the bookstore where I work, Queen Anne Books (1811 Queen Anne Ave N), is being pranked by a rabbit. Not a real rabbit, of course, but someone who clearly has a rabbit fixation. Started about a week ago with the discovery of The Joy of Cooking Rabbits sitting on one of our tables. Since then, we have discovered on the shelves of our store books such as Da Bunny Code, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Rabbits, When Bad Things Happen To Good Bunnies and many other lovely books. They’re all old Reader’s Digest books with squares cut out of the inside pages and treasures tucked inside, but the flycovers are really amazing. Very well done. In addition, we’ve gotten 2 letters from Y. Trabet with nothing but pictures of people in bunny suits inside of the envelopes. Oh, and of course each book is “ex libris Y. Trabet” and some of them are “written” by Y. Trabet (except those written by “authors” such as John Steinbunny, who brings you The Rabbits of Wrath.

We have yet to catch the bunny prankster, but we are keeping all the books behind the shelf. Anyone heard of anything similar going on around town?

No further information has been supplied in the comments to the thread yet. I’d love to see some pictures of the books themselves, and some more information on the “treasures” contained therein.

Anyone have connections at Queen Anne Books to further investigate this mystery?

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