supermarket cake race

I like to buy my desserts rather than making them, because I’m the only person in the house who eats dessert, and I don’t want to waste time making a tiny dessert any more than I want to waste time eating the same dessert over and over. The new Whole Foods in Bellevue has been open about a month, and I like to get my desserts from there, in order to fool my body into thinking I’m eating something healthy.
The big complaint I have about Whole Foods, other than their stupid operating hours (8AM-10PM) is that they can’t seem to keep the same desserts available. For instance, I’m addicted to the lemon drop bundt cake, which they’ve had available twenty percent of the time. The runner-up would be this cake below:

… except I can’t figure out why they would call it a lilac cake and then put no lilac in the ingredients. Is it a comment on the color? It’s a yellow cake, as far as I can tell. I couldn’t even see any candied violets. Did they grind them up to put in the frosting? So subtract one point for “truth in advertising”. Subtract a second point for the frosting (which is pure butter). I scraped it off, but I had to pay for it, so I’m not happy throwing it out. Maybe I could save it for my toast tomorrow morning.
So the runner-up is the chantilly berry slice, which I have seen in the store exactly once. The tiramisu is edible, but… I dunno. Nothing I would go out of my way to buy.
Tonight’s new “dessert I’ve never seen here before” was the mini creme brulee. It comes in a dear little ramekin, and they added TWO DOLLARS onto the price for that. I see 4 collectible colors/shapes though, so the packrats should be happy. I was tempted to get one, but from the looks of the ingredients list, they may have buried invisible raspberries in it.
Final opinion: on the whole (HAHAHA), when it comes to a proper dessert (i.e. not your brownie, or cookie, or cobbler) and the cafes are all closed, the individual-sized Whole Food desserts tempt me a lot more than the individual-sized Safeway desserts. The only thing I’ve seen at QFC that I like is the bostom creme pie. Still to come: trips to Fred Meyer and Uwajimaya.

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