Mass transit brings out the asshole in everyone. Myself included, just usually on the other side of the crowd.
So I’m standing in the back of the 2 Express, grateful for the air conditioning on these new hybrid buses not only cuts down on the humidity and heat that Seattle is enjoying but the overwhelming presence of the other people have been crammed in hopelessly around me. And we ride and ride and ride and it’s a goodly long trip to be standing for but I’m feeling quite the old hand at it by this point. No big.
After the usual fits and starts of traffic, we make it to the stop at the base of the hill and, suddenly, like a switch has been tossed, the crowd gets restless and I watch as courtesies are met with sneers and impatient puffs of air that could feasibly be mistaken as sighs.
Understand the the bus is crammed with people. That we’re probably two commuters away from standing or sitting in each other’s laps. So it’s going to take a minute or two for the mob to get sorted, right?
Nope. Scarcely has the bus stopped, but someone sitting behind me calls out “Hey, could you people move?” One fellow standee pauses to let the women sitting on either side of him get out first. Even as he does so, two people behind him start tapping on his back, “Excuse me, we need to go.” I wait for the people in the rear stairwell intersection to untangle themselves before I move to take a now vacated seat and, of course, the woman who’s been sitting next to me “Hey, could you move?”
“I need to get off the bus now.”
“Hey, I don’t have to…”
By this time the bus is cleared out enough that I can move, I swoop to the seat as she sails past the space I just vacated, glaring at me. I give as I get, “Hey, at least you got to sit down.”
Yep. Assholes. Each and every last one of us.
It’d be bad to admit that it felt good, right? *wry*

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