Does Cold K know about this?

Anyone who has strolled the streets with even a modicum of interest in their surroundings has seen the amusing ghosts spray painted in most neighborhoods around town. For those of you that haven’t, Tom Harpel is doing a fine job of capturing all of Cold Killer’s leavings. That little ghost is an enigma wrapped in a mystery tied up in a riddle, I can’t determine if it’s supposed to be political (see the fuk the usa) or just random art by some stranger or strange collective. Either way it makes life more interesting.
I’ve only lived my adult life in Seattle so I can’t speak for other cities, but there has always been a plethora of guerilla art springing up somewhere. Remember the white statues on Broadway or even the monolith back in 2001. Aside from Cold K there are little arrows attached to wires over the streets that have one word written across each side. One on 12th ave between pike and Madison has “Rise” on one side and “Above” on the other. Or there’s one that says “Numb/Nuts” on it on Pine right in front of the Baltic Room. Anybody have a clue?

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  1. josh (unregistered) on August 9th, 2004 @ 11:11 am

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one fascinated by this. I was about to post something about the fear/less and hey/taxi arrows above Denny!

  2. (unregistered) on August 12th, 2004 @ 4:00 am

    Thanks for the shout out. Everytime I think the Cold K thing is done, more shows up. Strangely, we have spotted six Cold K hits on our block on Capitol Hill in the past two months. Maybe Cold K *does* know about this? Heh.
    Tom Harpel

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