Post Holiday Hangover Shuffle

Show of hands, who has a pounding headache and a bloodlust hunger for greasy foods?
Last night there was a veritable cornucopia of activities to spend your pyrotechnic powered patriotic holiday, I chose to go sailing. I got a ticket late Saturday night for a party thrown by some brand marketing company for Lucky Strike. They had rented the Royal Argosy, the largest boat in Argosy Cruises fleet. Since it was last minute I missed the cut off date to rsvp and had to (gasp!) wait in standby, but after a little haggling and cutting some people as well as cutting in line – I got in. There was great food, cheap cigarettes and booze aplenty; all the makings for a cruise filled with shitfaced assholes.
We launched a little after eight cruised out in Elliot Bay for about ninety minutes before coming back facing starboard side toward the city to see the fireworks. They handed out three drink tickets a person, but you could buy drinks out of pocket beyond that. All of the servers, god bless em, were on the ball like Whitney on a crack rock. They’d take the order and be back before you could say thirsty. The buffet was awesome it had prime rib, salmon, chicken, fresh fruit and a whole lot of other things I couldn’t identify. After the fireworks people were nice and drunk, enough to shake their woo screaming asses on the dance floor on the main deck. I can’t say I resisted the urge to shake it like polaroid picture, the women folk pulled me in.
Now I’m nursing my hangover with more beer, I don’t have a damn thing to do and a light haze is kinda rolling in over the beautiful afternoon.
What did y’all do last night?

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