Greetings, all! It looks like

Greetings, all! It looks like I’m lucky enough to be the first to poke my head up, so I figured I’d start with a simple “hello” and introduce myself.
While I wouldn’t quite describe myself as “fresh off the boat,” I’m a relative newcomer to Seattle, having just moved down here three years ago from Anchorage. I’d lived in Alaska nearly all my life, and had finally gotten to the point where I felt that I needed some place bigger, with more life to it and more to do than what Anchorage could offer me. Seattle seemed like a good place to go (as it often does to Alaskans, being the closest major US city in the Lower 48), so I packed up and headed down.
My first few weeks here were quite amusing as I adjusted to life in this city. After years of living in Anchorage, I’d gotten to think of myself as quite the “city boy” — but suddenly, I felt like some backwoods hick. Seattle to my eyes was absolutely huge! As my plane flew in over the city at night, the lights just seemed to go on forever, and when I started to wander the streets of Seattle in the coming weeks, it really struck me just how much bigger the city was than what I had been used to. Quite a switch, but one I’ve been very happy with in the years since.
In the time I’ve been down here, I’ve ended up sticking mostly to the Downtown/Capitol Hill/First Hill core, with occasional jaunts into Ballard, the U-District, and Georgetown. However, that still leaves a lot of the city to explore, and I’m looking forward to expounding upon my excursions here, as I continue to wander around and find out just what Seattle has to offer.
And now, on to whomever shows up next….

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