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Reforms from I-75 off to a good start

The reforms brought about by the voter-approved I-75 ballot measure are having a noticeable effect in Seattle. The Marijuana Policy Review Panel, established by I-75, has met six times and has scheduled its next meeting for September 20, at 5:30 p.m., in City Hall room 370. Click here to find future meeting times.
Please attend the meetings — which are open to the public — and take advantage of this historic opportunity to help Seattle pioneer sensible marijuana policy. If you can’t attend the meetings, please pass this message on to someone who can.
According to the Seattle Police Department (SPD) and the Office of the City Attorney, only 34 people have been arrested in Seattle for misdemeanor marijuana possession between January and May of this year. This figure represents a roughly 50 percent reduction in arrests, and it signals that SPD is taking voters’ wishes, as expressed in the landslide victory of I-75, seriously.
The initiative was placed on the ballot by the Sensible Seattle Coalition and was supported by several state legislators, the King County Bar Association, the Seattle League of Women Voters, and the Washington state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. To learn more about the panel, please click here.

tools for the hungry

In the spirit of providing useful links, here’s one to Amazon’s database of Seattle area menus –> [amazon]. They might not always be completely up to date, but it’s a neat unexpected resource that complements citysearch reviews.
I wonder what motivated the project — hungry Amazonians?

Its a scary world out there, but someone has to date it…

Attention Seattle…Josh had a fantastic idea…service journalism. I’m going to take one for the team. Any suggestions where I might meet this fantasy boy who will either 1) buy me tea and scones or 2) not attempt to make me a sex puppet (Stranger Love Lab) 3) just show a new Seattlite a good time. I’ll keep you all updated on the dating situation in Seattle…it seems a bit sparse. However, as optimistic as I am about this pending article, I am sure to somehow uncover the dark underbelly of the Seattle dating scene one lousy date at a time. Cheer me on! Watch me go!

Friday night invite

Thanks to the great article on the drunk outdoors by the fine folks at the the stranger, I will be starting my night out at the Red Lion hotel bar downtown – three words complimentary taco buffet. If anyone wants to join me, I’ll be the raving lunatic destroying the buffet due to my violent addiction to free tacos.
See ya there and bring your bibs.

blogging at the speed of light

This is exactly what you want to see scrawled onto the pavement a few blocks from your house. Apparently Level3 is running fiber up 15th in Ravenna.

Anyone know how to tap into fiber optic cable?

The complexities of spanging etiquette…

Last night I was walking down Broadway on the way to the Merc (yeah, I am a big gothy cheeseball), eyes on the ground, as always.
Then, whilst passing Dick’s I heard some yelling. Being a nosy kinda gal, I had to listen on in.
The commotion was coming from a small blond crusty chick who was squatting on the sidewalk clutching a wilted cardboard sign which no doubt said something VERY clever. She was directing her wrath at a guy a few feet away who was wearing a yellow tinged wifebeater and a seriously out of it expression.
“You cut me off!” She screamed. “I NEVER do that to you guys, ever! But now whenever I see you, I am gonna go out of my way to!”
The guy sorta grunted and lurched forward. The girl continued her tirade.
Turned out the guy had spare changed someone who she rightfully should have had a crack at. Part of me wanted to walk over, crouch down next to her, put my arm around her shoulder and say “Honey, at any given time of the day there are at least 20 spangers on this stretch. You’re ALL cutting each other off. And, if it makes you feel any better, that guy? Well, he probably wouldn’t have given you any money anyway…”

news you can use

Special Thursday feature! today’s useful news from adored alt-weekly, The Stranger comes from “Last Days.” Motivated by two “I, anonymous” letters, he takes a break from coverage of horrible child-related crime to coverage of horrible temperature regulation at Neumo’s:

“It was a freaking sweat lodge–no fan, no AC, just a deep fryer that made the 85-degree room smell like Burger King. Shame on you, Neumo’s–your obvious greed smells as bad as your fries.” The next day brought a second letter. “Maybe I’m just too old to enjoy 100-degree temperatures and masses of people enclosed in a small space with no ceiling fan in sight,” wondered Anonymous #2, positing a reasonable solution: “I gave you my money, now go buy a fan.” For an inside view, Last Days prodded Neumo’s booker Jason, who addressed the dilemma with admirable frankness. “Honestly, we spent all last week searching around for industrial-grade fans, with no luck. Every damn place was sold out.” As for the prospect of AC: “By next summer, for sure.”[stranger]

Having been chased out of a good show or two by the oppressive heat, we’re happy to hear that they recognize the problems of hundreds of sweaty people roasting in a brick oven. Still, it’s unfortunate that the local economy can’t support an industrial grade fan superstore. If something isn’t done about the situation, it’s likely that people will start showing up in temperature appropriate clothing.

Spreading the newbie joy…

Your New In Town Meetup is happening on Tuesday, Aug 3 @ 8PM!
Please RSVP below and let us know if you plan to join other New
NOTE: Your Meetup will be cancelled if fewer than 5 people say
“Yes”. Please RSVP by clicking one of the links below.
Your Meetup in Seattle, WA is at:
Uptown Espresso
2504 4th Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
Please RSVP here:
** For “YES, I’ll be there” go to:
** For “NO, I can’t make it” go to:

beans burnt black II: the recommendation!

OK, let’s get it out of our systems:
Where’s your favorite coffee place?
Myself, I’m partial to El Diablo Coffee at the top of Queen Anne. Best Mexican hot chocolate (and mochas) around, great con leches, desserts to die for and exceptional staff. Further, they’re located next to an indy bookstore (Queen Anne Avenue Books). What more could you ask for?
Now you…

The alley…

I guess it’s technically not an alley. More like a long narrowish street without a name. Or maybe it has a name that I am simply not aware of. It’s quite possible. I am not yet aware of many things in this town.
Anyway, whatever it is, it cuts through most of the blocks between Bellmont and Summit, slicing them into…umm…mini-blocks. Yes, that is the highly technical name which I have assigned to them. You like?
Whenever thoughts of scaling the hill and fending off Broadway spangers become too daunting, I head for the alley. I’m not sure exactly why. I mean, it’s not really very sceneic–mostly you pass the backs of houses and apartment buildings, some garages.
I think it’s that, for a big city girl like myself, it’s a bit of an escape. In NYC, there were very few places you could go that allowed you to forget that you were in the middle of a seriously urban environment. Here, if you walk a few blocks from the main drag of whichever neighborhood you happen to be in, it’s all houses and flowers and birds chriping. It’s nice…but also a little jarring sometimes.

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