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I Came, I Zaw, I Blogged

I have been walking by the pizza place called ‘Zaw for months now on my way to the Capitol Hill Trader Joe’s, and it is now open. While under construction, the windows were plastered with such groan-inducing slogans as, “Remember when that cool kid moved in on your block? That’s what ‘Zaw is.” (Or something like that.) Everything about it pre-opening tempted me to go into snark overload the likes of which the world of blogging has never seen. HOWEVER, I am just going to try* to present the facts and let you, dear reader, add your well-reasoned thoughts to the comments:

They describe ‘Zaw as “pizza in the raw” (the concept formerly known as “take and bake”)
They use Bob’s Red Mill organic white and wheat flour, and they make a limited amount of a gluten-free dough as well
They will add freshly-ground flax seed to your dough
They sell growlers-to-go for beer
The beers and wines are local and, in some instances, organic
They strive to make pizzas with S.O.U.L. (that’s Seasonal, Organic, Unique, and Local)
They call their Italian flatbread starter an “appeti’zaw” and have pizzas and salads named “The Arizawna”, “The Vietzawm” and “The Caezaw Salad”
They offer delivery via bicycle

So what do you think of the concept? Is it an idea that sounds intriguing enough that you will give it a whirl? Will the overlords at metblogs reach into their vast, deep, pockets to reimburse me for a pizza (I mean, ‘zaw) and a growler?

1424 E. Pine St. (at 15th)

*Whenever someone says they will “try” to do something, I can’t help but remember an episode of The Simpsons where Marge asks Bart, “Promise me you’ll try to behave?” Bart’s respsonse: “I can’t promise to try, but I promise I’ll try to try”

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