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Apparently, the sun needs some alone time.

I look out my office window and am reminded of…

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

(I’ve been trying to forget theĀ horrible remake since 2005… okay so they’re both pretty bad.)

King5 Weather says this is gonna stick around all week.

Kudos to WSDOT

My plan for this weekend involved two friends flying into Seattle, and four more friends driving up from Portland for a weekend of revelry (well, as much revelry as one can have when two of the six guests are under six months old). Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans for my weekend, and now my four friends in Oregon are not likely to be able to join the Seattle contingent.

As disappointing as this was, I’ve been extremely impressed with the communications and use of technology from the Washington State Department of Transportation. Between their blog, their Twitter feed, their Flickr photos, and their constantly updated maps, I’m feeling incredibly informed, and very happy that they’re so communicative.

If more governmental units were as open and helpful as WSDOT (who even replied to one of my Twitter questions about alternate routes), I think we’d benefit tremendously. Keep up the good work, guys!

Metro Snow Reroutes

Snow Star by Smohundro via our group pool [#]

Due to the weather, many Seattle buses have been rerouted or cancelled today- a full list is up at the Metro homepage. Of course, not all the reroutes are entirely publicized. For instance, I usually take the 30 from Fremont to the U-District- this morning it never showed up at my stop, and I heard a rumor that it was either up on 45th or down on 35th, so I walked up hill. Of course, I never saw it along 45th, and wound up just walking in to work eventually. I checked the Adverse Weather Info for the route before I left, but it makes no sense to me- I suspect the same is true for many of the reroutes.

This afternoon, I went to my normal bus stop again, to take the 30. After several rounds of other buses, I started asking drivers if it hadn’t been rerouted. The first driver said no; the second said he thought it might have, so I should head down to the Campus Parkway hub. Fortunately, after doing so a #30 showed up within about ten minutes and took the normal route home. I was happily surprised that it wasn’t rerouted on the return trip. I asked the driver about getting to the U-District for tomorrow, and her response was that many of the drivers wouldn’t go up the (steep) hill on 40th, and she herself had been taking 45th instead. It sounded more like it was an individual driver decision, than a true reroute, but who knows?

It would be helpful if Metro would publish online maps of the adverse weather routes for their buses, though I’m sure that’s a lot of work for very few days of the year- though if the routes don’t change too much from year to year, it might be nice to do it for the major routes. Alternately, they could post adverse weather reroute information on the poles at the stops- that would certainly be more effective for many riders who may not have access to the Internet from the bus stop or from home, for that matter. Additionally, it wouldn’t hurt to have drivers be more informed about the rerouting for other buses along their routes, just in case, though that would take a lot more effort than posting notices on the poles.

Still, all things being said, I’m very grateful that the buses were even running this evening, and that I didn’t have to walk another two miles home. And all the bus drivers I spoke to were very cordial, which isn’t always the case when they’re being interrupted. For that matter, the passengers were a lot jollier too- people were chatting at the stops, and voluntarily sitting together, even cheering for others at their bus stop when the bus they were waiting for finally arrived. I hope everyone riding the buses is getting home safe and sound- if you have any Metro stories, feel free to leave them in the comments.

November in Seattle

I haven’t lived here long enough to know whether this is an anomaly or not, but the weather yesterday was fascinating. I love the fog, and how it was hazy for most of the day, but not enough to obscure the mountains in the distance. Yesterday had a very ethereal quality to it, and it was exactly how I want winter in Seattle to look all the time.

Seattle in November

September in Seattle

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but this September has been amazing! It almost makes up for the fact that it didn’t get warm here until mid-June. Almost. But I won’t smack-talk the weather too much for fear of it changing- I’ve been spending my lunches eating outside, walking to and from work just because it’s so gorgeous that I can’t stand not to be outside. Here’s to hoping this spectacular September keeps amazing me with beautiful sunsets and clear views of Mt. Rainier that take my breath away.

A Golden Gardens Moment by B.K. Dewey [flickr] via our group pool [#]

Blame California

So what’s up with the weather the past few days? Our mountain’s gone, our sunsets are hazy, yet even more dramatic than usual, and the thunder last night at 2 am had me thinking my house was falling down around me. Well, it turns out that we can pretty much blame California for all of this.

We’ve been in a weather pattern where warmer air is coming up from California and picking up moisture as it travels over land. It’s also picking up smoke particles from all of the California wildfires, resulting in poor visibility and air quality. According to the weather report I heard this morning, we’re in for another few days of this.

It’s about time.

I was beginning to think we’d never see warm, sunny days again. Do we dare hope that this portends good things for Memorial Day Weekend?


We’re ready for primetime!

Can you feel it?

Tonight is, much like last month’s Vernal Equinox, or the glorious weather we had on Saturday, one of those things that makes you realize that, despite the weather, Summer is coming.

Tonight, sunset enters the primetime, setting at 8pm.

It isn’t the almost 16 hours of sunrise-sunset we’ll have on the Solstice, and there probably won’t be any naked cyclists, but, I’m happy to take 13h40m25s of sun-upped-ness, even if it is hidden behind a bank of grey.

!! snowsleetfreezingrainWTF?!?!

Sample comments on today’s weather, mercilessly stolen from various Seattle Metblogs authors on Twitter:

  • Oh hey there, wintery mix.
  • SNOMFJ. Surprise icefall again and again
  • The Flying Spaghetti Monster is not well pleased with those in charge of the SLEET in SEATTLE in nearly APRIL
  • *almost* snowing in pioneer square… wtf?
  • I dub this month: Apruary
  • OMG WEATHER. Seriously, though, what the fuck? Next, I predict a rain of locusts and frogs and scorpions. Cats and dogs living together.

Got a grumble about the weather? Add it in the comments!

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