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Labor Day at Bumbershoot

Murry Hammond of the Old 97s, possibly having as much fun as me

Despite an unwavering desire to get to the Old 97s show at 6:45, I’d heard nothing all day but mentions of John Vanderslice, and I wasn’t disappointed. Vanderslice’s violin player is amazing, and their music- well, it’s indescribable. I think I’ll have to let one of the other Metbloggers catch you up- Vanderslice’s show, like Kathleen Edwards’ show yesterday, had the highest concentration of Metbloggers, and for good reason.

But the Old 97’s also put on an amazing show- super-energetic, and with a good mix of their old favorites like “The New Kid” and new songs like “Rollerskate Skinny.” The crowd got excited enough to request an encore, which is a rarity at Bumbershoot, where bands play to the end of their set and then move on. Their show, unlike Vanderslice’s, did produce some actual dancing (and not of the “hippy swaying” variety), but then, it’s hard not to dance at an Old 97’s show.

And onward the Metbloggers go, to Death Cab and Xavier Rudd!

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