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Get This At Your Farmers Market This Weekend

Chanterelle mushrooms; these made the trip to the market from North Bend. At the Broadway Market they are eight bucks for a 1/2 pound, and I got a very heavy half-pound. I ended up just eating them out of the pan, alternating each bite with a sip of an excellent Pinot Noir.

Need to know where and when a market is happening in your area? Click here.

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fresh at the farmers market

Potatoes are in season right now at the farmers markets. Availalbe in a ranibow of colors, they couldn’t be easier to prepare. Just toss with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper and roast them in the oven. These were from the Madrona farmers market and they were delicious. What are your farmers market favorites this time of year?

Pretzel Logic

Pretzel, Anybody?

Pretzel, Anybody?

Normally when I wake up bleary-eyed after a long Saturday night I shortly go out in search of Vitamin G to cure what ails me. Lately, however, I have gone straight to the Capitol Hill Farmers Market every Sunday at 11am sharp to get an insanely delicious pretzel from Mike at Heavenly Pastry and Cake. Heavenly was founded by his wife, Allison (who used to work at Cupcake Royale); they are up at the crack of dawn cranking out pretzels (and a plethora of pastries and breads as well) by hand.

Banish all thoughts of a dry, bland soft pretzel, spinning under the heat lamp at various professional sporting events. These have a chewy, toothsome crust and an airy interior that would shame many baguettes. The secret, according to Mike, is time: you have to let the dough rise until it is overflowing, then punch out the air and let it rise again. Kosher salt on top finishes it off but, if you must gild the lily, a bottle of yellow mustard is on hand:

Mike brings 180 pretzels to the Capitol Hill market, and, at only $2 each, often sells out. According to Mike there have been no incidents of pretzel rage, but he has had people remark incredulously, “How could you run out?!?” What is it about the humble pretzel that inspires such passion, comfort, and emotion? Find out for yourself at the Capitol Hill market, or Fridays at Madison Valley and Saturdays at Magnolia. Or for the ultimate food and drink pairing, head to Elliot Bay Brewing in West Seattle for a beer and a pretzel. (Mike does admit that the humble pretzel is also a fine match with a humble, well-chilled PBR.)

Pickles! doodily doo ding dong doodily doodily doo

pickles.jpg Last week or so ago, Wesa posted about the front page news story about how cucumbers were going to be outsourced to India [mb, pi].

In case not everyone got to the comments on that particular post (you should if you’re interested in making your own pickles), I wanted to second Patricia’s comment about the absolute wonderfulosity of Woodring’s Parker Pickles.

A couple of summers ago, I discovered said pickles at the West Seattle farmer’s market and was so effusive to the gal at the booth that she told me that the owner’s son, Parker, had suggested they start carrying these items and thus the name. I don’t know if she was telling the truth, but I’ve set up a shrine (that consists of many many empty pickle jars) to Mr. Parker anyhow.

Perhaps they do not inspire as much um, gasping, as does the dessert at Madame K’s [mb], but I do love the fresh crispy snap and delicate hint of pepper of the spicy version. So much so that there is a jar in my fridge at all times. For the wimps those that don’t like spicy pickles (they’re not THAT spicy) they have regular dills for sale as well.

One can find Woodring’s booths at the West Seattle farmer’s market on Sundays, at the U-District farmer’s market on Saturdays, and everyday of the week at Pike Place Market (but strangely no pickles online). Jars are $7 and HIGHLY recommended.

PS In an only very slightly related topic, Sound on the Sound just reported that Dethklok will be making a stop in Seattle in June [sos]. Doodily doo indeed!

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