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Silence is a virtue.

In case you missed the last three installments of Trader Joe’s Silent Movie Mondays, you’re in luck! The Paramount Theater is hosting the event one last time, tonight March 29th. Live music by the critically acclaimed organist, Jim Riggs, will perform against three short films from the Charlie Chaplin library that will surely bring on the laughs. Mainly a show for the adults, everyone is bound to enjoy the Might Wurlitzer Organ.

Trader Joe’s Silent Movie Mondays: Silent From The South Seas
The Paramount Theatre
Show starts at 7pm, March 29th

To find out more and get your tickets, visit STG Presents.

A shout out to services I love: Homemaid Sustainable Cleaning

I always get this look of awe/shock/disgust when I say I have a maid. Like, “isn’t that what rich people have” kinda stare. Well, I once read a book that said if your time is more valuable than your money, then spend the money so you can enjoy your time.

And so I got myself a cleaning service. A green cleaning service to be exact. And it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Meet Homemaid Sustainable Cleaning. They are kinda hippie, but without the patchouli. When they’re not using their own cleaning concoctions to spray down your abode, they use Biokleen, which is also all natural, safe, free of weirdo chemicals and of course, good for the Earth.

The cleaning crew mainly consists of a small team of two – Laurel and Thomas. I only just met Laurel for the first time, and she’s one of those people you can immediately see being friends with. Thomas, with his wide eyes and attention to detail, gets the job done when he’s not biking all around Seattle as a messenger.

And speaking of bikes, that’s their mode of transportation. It doesn’t matter if you live down the hill, around the hill or over the hill, they’ll trek all over Seattle just to make sure your place is clean as day.

Need more ways to save the planet? Homemaid Sustainable Cleaning also sends our invoice via email to save on paper. And they take Paypal so I never have to write a check! They even buy 1-kiloWatt hour of Renewable Energy Certificates to compensate for the carbon emissions created by using the vacuum cleaner in your home. I only really understand half of what this means and that’s only because I’ve seen Back to the Future one too many times.

All that said, for $27 an hour, not only is Homemaid Sustainable Cleaning on the cheaper end of maid services, but I also feel good that my house doesn’t smell like a chemical factory when I come home. To me, that’s invaluable service.

Homemaid Sustainable Cleaning
(206) 420-5571

More Music @ The Moore

I’m a sucker for musicians I’ve never seen or heard on KEXP before. So I’m jumping at the chance to attend this event on Friday at The Moore. With 30 Northwest young musicians, from hip hop to ska to bluegrass to world to pop, the list goes on and on to ensure that everyone will sway to something. For the fifth year, Daniel Bernard Roumain, who apparently appeared at the Olympics, will serve as the Music Director – think Mr. Holland’s Opus, but cooler! For just $15 you’ll get a night of entertainment from kids who don’t even know who Corey Haim is. Show starts at 7:30 pm.

To get tickets now, visit STG Presents.

Dinner Club: Table 219

In February, we ventured to Capitol Hill to a place I thought was going to suck. The Yelp reviews were mediocre and passing by it several times, Table 219 just didn’t seem like much. But, I have two words that will forever change my attitude toward this restaurant.

Ding Dong

That’s right, I’m not going to tell you about the really good corn dogs we had, or the zucchini fries that were better than any fries I’ve had in awhile. I won’t even mention the two mac ‘n’ cheeses we tasted, mostly because they weren’t anything amazing. And I’m not about to say a peep about the juicy maple-y pork or the fatty spare ribs.

Because I’m only going to write this here blog about the best thing I’ve ever had in all of our Dinner Club experiences.

This Ding Dong is not the kind of treat you get from your grandma’s or from your fat friend or on a road trip when you’re sick of eating Jerky. You won’t find this Ding Dong at the grocery store either. Because this kind of Ding Dong is special – so special in fact that the menu calls it the 219 Ding Dong.

And as I look at the menu right now, I don’t think I knew what the actual ingredients were. Apparently, it’s described as having “white chocolate mousse, chocolate glaze, coconut tuile” but all I heard was “yom, yom, yom” when the waiter told us about it.

The outer chocolate layer had this rich, yet smooth chocolately texture to it. Almost like a fudge consistency. And then I bit into some kind of heavenly piece of goo that must’ve been what the white chocolate mousse and coconut tuile. But to me it tasted like someone melted a sweet marshmallow and had it ooze out the second my mouth had contact.

Needless to say, if you’re going to go to Table 219 (which you should) please expect a pretty decent dinner and appetizer selection. But keep your belly ready for the mother of all desserts. One that you can’t find anywhere – even in a stoned teenager’s backpack.

Table 219
219 Broadway Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 328-4604
They gladly take reservations!

Dinner Club: Moshi Moshi

Being 30-something, I’ve traded in drinking all night with my friends to having a dinner club that lets out by 9pm so I can get my 6 hours of z’s. Our biggish group comes in all shapes and sizes, and most recently added a baby to the clan. The rules are you pick a place you’ve never been to, but always wanted to try. This time we went to Moshi Moshi, in January – sorry for the tardiness.

The atmosphere is delightful and welcoming. Beautiful cherry blossom lights dazzle in the center of the space and everyone has room to breath, even when there’s a crowd of 8 pushed together. The only eyesore seemed to be along the wall, on the way down the stairs, where black plastic garbage bags seem to be covering wall damage or a bad paint job. And while the bathroom isn’t as awesome as the butt warming one at Mashiko, it was spotless. I know it’s weird to remark on a restaurants’ bathroom, but it’s one of those things I use at least once while restauranting and if it’s dirty or smells bad, it immediately gets downgraded in my book.

As far as sushi goes, this was the freshest I can remember having in quite some time. Some favorites included the very soft crab, the Spanish mackerel – which is my tall-tell sign of a good sushi joint – and the very sweet Inari. Other crowd pleasers were the succulent Kalbi short ribs, and apparently the eggplant got rave reviews from the vegetarian of the group.

The bits I wasn’t thrilled with didn’t actually come from the sushi menu. The chicken satay seemed way too salty, and the seaweed salad, which I usually love, tasted a little too slimy.

And now, for what you’ve been waiting for: dessert! Since we can never decide, as a group, on just one sugary item we always end up getting everything. That meant we had the chocolate cake*, a crème brulee and the typical green tea sorbet. My favorite was the chocolate cake, and if it means anything I am not a chocolate cake person. Especially when it’s chocolate on chocolate. But I am a sucker for things oozing, and boy oh boy, did this ooze. Now before you go all teenage boy on me, just remember that I hold dessert close to my heart. So giggle all you want about the ooze, but it was delicious. And if you only could order one thing off the menu, this would be my favorite recommendation.

*My apologies, but I forgot the actual name of this dessert and it’s not on the menu on their website. I’m pretty sure it’s the only chocolate cake though, so go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

Moshi Moshi
5324 Ballard Avenue
Seattle, WA 98107

Free TIp of the Day

Go to Hing Hay Park today to witness the celebrations and firecrackers that are The Year of the Tiger’s Chinese New Year. It’s free and the last few years I’ve gone, it’s never let me down. Go!

Chinese New Year
Hing Hay Park
423 Maynard Ave. S
Lion dance starts at Noon.

flickr find: amp’d


photo by hyperme | a11024689 [flickr] via our group pool. [#]

Rebirth Brass Band

Want to see music that you can actually dance to? Here’s your chance. The Rebirth Brass Band has been around longer than the Mac, Prozac and disposable contacts were invented. But that doesn’t stop them from having a great sound that you can stomp your feet to. If you like the musical styles that helm from New Orleans, the vibe you get at Honk Fest West or the simple act of having fun, then get yourself to Neumos to see this funk band jam their hearts out. Tickets are $20, or FREE if email with “Rebirth Brass Band” in the subject line and your Full Name in the actual email. Sorry minors, this is a 21+ concert. Giveaway ends by Thursday so get your fingers atypin’.

Rebirth Brass Band, Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk will be at Neumos on January 23rd. Doors open at 8pm.

flickr find: Seattle Night

Seattle Night

photo by Brandon Page [flickr] via our group pool. [#]

flickr find: View from Kerry Park

View from Kerry Park

photo by lessadventurous [flickr] via our group pool. [#]

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