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Face the Music with the Maldives tonight

SIFF‘s first Face the Music feature in this year’s festival is tonight at the Triple Door where at 7:00 and 9:30 pm, The Maldives will be performing an original live score for the silent film Riders of the Purple Sage, starring Tom Mix, the mold on whom all future cowboy stars was cast. Mix had a busy career – he made over 300 films in just 25 years – and here you’ll have a great chance to discover why he was so popular, highlighted by excellent live music.

Are you looking for more SIFF coverage? Visit Art by Zee for previews, recommendations, reviews, interviews and more.

Totally Fresh

Just in case you didn’t know, organic food, composting and letting animals be animals are good – factory farming, giving chickens antibiotics and spraying chemicals on veggies are bad. If you never saw Food Inc. or read anything from Michael Pollan here’s your chance to see a new movie all about where our food should come from. Fresh is a short flick (70 minutes) that will be starting tonight at Central Cinema and ending May 6th. There will be a few short films before the movie and if you’re hungry you can munch on Central Cinema’s new menu. Also, as a special treat you can meet the director when you see the movie tonight (Friday). So, even if you think you know everything about where our food comes from, Fresh is good enough to remind you – and hopefully spread the word.

Get tickets now!

Free Tip of the Day

Bank of America is hosting the Museums on Us® program once again. Head to the Museum of History & Industry, The Wing Luke Asian Museum, Northwest African American Museum or the Tacoma Art Museum this May 1st and 2nd and if you’re a Bank of America cardholder, you’ll get in for FREE!

This program is happening all over the US, every first full weekend of the month from now till September 5th. Bring the kids. Make a day of it. Have some arty fun!

Hop Scotch Beer and Scotch Festival Friday, Saturday

Photo by Arkadiusz Benedykt via Creative Commons

If you like beer, Scotch, wine, and/or tequila, the place for you to be Friday and Saturday is Fremont Studios for the Hop Scotch Spring Beer and Scotch Festival. An annual benefit for SIFF, Hop Scotch is a tasting experience offering guests a chance to sample over 80 beers, wines, and spirits and interact with experts to learn more about the beverages on offer.

General admission to the festival is $25 which includes a 5 oz commemorative tasting glass and five beer/wine tasting tokens. For a mere $5 more, upgrade to the Grand Admission and get ten beer/wine tasting tokens. Special add on features include $10 for a spirit sampler that includes a flight of five ounce Scotch or tequila tastes. The Scotch samplers includes Singleton 12, Oban 14, Lagavulin 16, Johnnie Walker Red, Johnnie Walker Black. The tequila sampler includes Don Julio 1942, Don Julio Anejo, Don Julio Blanco, Don Julio Reposado, Jose Cuervo Platino. Both samplers require advance purchase which you can do online or in person at a variety of ticket outlets around town.

SIFF programmers will be on hand from 8 to 9 pm both Friday and Saturday to give a sneak peek at films, events and programs taking place during SIFF 2010; the SIFF area offers fun film trivia and a chance to win tickets to the festival.

Imogen Heap with Geese

Want to see the Grammy nominated multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter who shines with electronic-style (and apparently likes hyphens)? Here’s your chance to see Imogen Heap with special guests, Geese, in the flesh.

With a year to write and produce her hit album, Speak For Yourself, she found a lot of her following over social media. Her folkie voice and soothing beats won over 350,000 friends on MySpace and more than 250,000 Twitter fans.

You can’t see her at the Paramount Theatre until June 14th, but you can get tickets tomorrow (Saturday, April 17th). To learn more, go to STG Presents.

RJD2: A Recap

RJD2 surprised me in many ways. Let me count them for you:

1. He started on time. At Neumos, this is almost unheard of (at least when I go). But I was thrilled that Neumos said 10:45 and when I walked in expecting to still hear Busdriver, I got RJ up there on stage already starting song number 1.
2. He doesn’t need to have the kind of fun that Flaming Lips or Girl Talk explodes with. Case in point is when he wore a miner’s costume on and off, and when he played with a Super Mario puppet throughout a song. Simple, yet it made people interested.
3. I totally forgot that he did the Mad Men intro song. Surprises like that one made me smile as much as all the songs he played from The Third Hand. Plus, he didn’t disappoint in mixing it up with his old, not so old and new tunes.
4. I loved that there was an actual band. I actually danced way more to the band then to when he was playing by himself. The drums in particular were right on, especially when an audience member gave the drummer a big mouse (?) head to wear. When a band is willing to participate with the crowd, it’s bound to be a fun show.
5. Busdriver showed up at the end of the show. And boy, can he rap. I have no idea what he said but he sang it with conviction and heart and then he left the stage as soon as he came on.

So there you have it. For those who got to see this final leg of RJD2’s tour, I hope you were as happy with it as I was. For everyone else, you lose ☺

*Picture courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR

The best cupcakes in Seattle goes to…

A cupcake taste off was had this weekend where the *typical Seattle cupcakeries and one cupcake blogger, Jamie of All Trades, were the contestants. The glasses of milk were passed around and we started piling Red Velvet cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes, Cupcake Royale, Wink Cupcakes and JOAT (as she has nicknamed herself) on our plates. By the end, we were stuffed, hyper and in sugar comas – but in a good way. Here are the results.

Hands down Trophy Cupcakes took the prize for appearances. We all agreed that presentation seems to be their main focus. And while the cake was good and moist, it fell apart for almost every taster. Comments like, “best frosting” and “lovely with a little heart on top” seemed to be the overall verdict. But, not the winner.

Then there was Cupcake Royale. We had high hopes for these guys, yet they received the lowest scores. That doesn’t mean they were bad. Not at all. Comments like “creamy once you get inside” and “nice and light” declared that they were good. But just not the winner.

So we moved on to Wink Cupcakes, who gave us a nice surprise with what tasted like lemon in the frosting and cake. Comments like, “smooth frosting” and “most different taste” put Wink close to taking the cake. But still, not the winner.

That leaves us with – you guessed it – the winner. Jamie of All Trades might’ve been the underdog, but she didn’t disappoint us with her Red Velvet cupcake. Comments included “very red and very good” to “buttery, delicious frosting” to “best cake, fluffy and chocolatey” and thus, gave her the cupcake taste off prize!

But how could we stop at Red Velvets? Our contestants wouldn’t have it. Most of the bakers (except for Wink) gave us their favorite cupcake for another tasting. And man oh man, we needed more milk for the second half.

While Trophy dazzled us with their Tiger Tail (coconut cupcake with raspberry buttercream drizzled with raspberry sauce) and Cupcake Royale gave us a much-needed sweet break with their Salted Caramel, it was Jamie of All Trades who won yet again, with her Key Lime Pie cupcake.

Everyone just loved the Key Lime frosting that smacked you in the face with flavor and we were all pretty impressed that she created a crust on the bottom. Not only did her Key Lime Pie win in the “non Red Velvet” category, it also won overall cupcake!

We’d like to thank Trophy Cupcakes, Cupcake Royale and Wink Cupcakes for giving us their cupcakes to taste. Sure, they didn’t win overall, but we all agreed there wasn’t a bad cupcake in the bunch. They all had their good qualities about them. And to get a group of girls to shut up for 2 hours to eat copious amounts of carbs was an accomplishment in so many ways.

And to the winner, Jamie of all Trades, we can’t wait to devour more of your yummy cupcakes. If you want to taste them yourself (which you should, immediately) she’s willing and ready to take your orders. You can find her at

*We asked Yellow Leaf Cupcakes twice to participate, but they never answered our requests ☹

RJD2 at Neumos!

Could it be that RJD2 picked Seattle as his last stop in his US Tour to promote his latest full-length album The Colossus? Should we all pack ourselves into Neumos on April 11th, a blessed Sunday night and then call in sick on Monday? Could we possibly dance our fannies off to the break of dawn? Should you pay the small fee for this once in a lifetime opportunity to see one of the best shows Neumos is likely to have?

The answer is yes – to everything. Now, here are the details:

Neumos Presents: RJD2, Busdriver, Happy Chichester
Doors open at 8pm
$15 for advanced tickets
Buy them now
Or purchase tix at Moe Bar
Sorry youngsters, this is for 21+

Conan does Spokane!

If you’ve been scouring the Internet for Conan O’Brien tickets in Seattle and can’t find anything under $200 don’t waste your money. Instead make a weekend out of this once in a lifetime event and go to Spokane! STG is proud to have the short-lived Tonight Show host at the INB Performing Arts Center on Friday, April 16th at 7:30pm.

The “Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television” tour kicks off in Eugene and will include longtime sidekick Andy Richter and the former Tonight Show band to at least 20 other states and two Canadian provinces.

You can still get tickets the good ol’ fashion way, with fees and everything, at $79.50 a pop (the cheap tix are all sold out via Ticketwest). So hurry before you have to hit up some sketchy dude on Craigslist. Spokane, Conan and jokes about the year 2000 will be waiting for you.

INB Performing Arts Center
Spokane, WA
Friday, April 16, 2010
Get tickets now!

Oh! You Pretty Things

Oh! You Pretty Thing

Last Friday my wife and I went to see the Seattle Rock Orchestra and their tribute to David Bowie at The Moore Theater. The format was rather interesting, with local indie-rockers The Kindness Kind opened with the orchestra backing them up on a set of their melodic bjork-esque songs before a short intermission before the main event that every was there to hear, the David Bowie covers. The Kindness Kind accompanied the orchestra, and a bevy of local singers came out to do their own renditions of Bowie tunes, for the most part two from each singer.

First up was Tom Beecham of The Raggedy Anns, who really looked the part, and did a fantastic job, though I confess I’m not enough of a Bowie nerd to know which songs he sang.

Next up was Ian Williams of The Thoughts who did Heroes. All of the singers, and many of the other performers were made-up with face-paint. There were a lot of classic lightning bolts over the eye, but somehow Ian Williams gave his an almost zombie-bowie look to it, which was extra-fun. And of course he had the entire crowd singing along with him. His other song I didn’t recognize (kudos to everyone for playing deep-cuts and not just the hits!)

After that Alessandra Rose of The Kindness Kind came back up to sing an incredible cover of Oh! You Pretty Things. I didn’t recognize the other tune she did.

Then came Tim Keller of Discs of Fury who, despite a broken foot, did a fantastic job on Boys Keep Swinging, and even whipped off his shirt to catcalls from the crowd. He only did the one song, but I won’t hold that against him.

Next up was David Terry of Aqueduct who did two songs that I actually recognized. He did Changes and Man Who Sold The World and danced along gleefully in his formal suit and hat and cheesy sunglasses.

Next up was Jon Auer of The Posies who brought his acoustic guitar up on stage and played 2 songs including an awesome version of Starman.

Lastly was Nouela Johnston of People Eating People. Though I didn’t recognize either of her songs her vocals were simply incredible. She has an incredible soul voice that just rips out of her. Definitely check her out!

For an encore Jon Auer came out and sang another tune, and then Alessandra Rose ended the night with Life On Mars. A beautiful way to end the show!

We had a blast. We had only two complaints. The sound where we were sitting (about halfway up on the floor level) just didn’t have the oomph it really should have, but that was pretty minor. The main complaint is it just wasn’t long enough. Sure it lasted for a good couple of hours, but it was just so good and so fun that it should have lasted till about 2am. Next time, guys… next time!

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