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photo by Mohini [flickr] via our group pool [#]
  • Refresh-o-rama, new counts on the election make a McGinn–Mallahan general mayoral election look even more likely. Let’s all hope that the real election isn’t just about snow plows and tunnels. [kingcounty]
  • Have any vintage WTO pics? The Henry is collecting them on flickr as we approach the 10 year protestaversary. Stills from Battle In Seattle don’t count. [hankblog]
  • The arrival of fresh new Huskies is still a ways off, but the UW is already teaching them how to Metro, via video. [seattletransitblog]
  • Holy abracadabra. Remember that Seattle woman who alleged that David Copperfield disappeared her to his private unsavory island? The FBI investigation is still ongoing and now her case is back in civil court. [gawker]
  • Dan Savage is making a television show for HBO, maybe. But not reality. [slog]

King of the Fans: Patrick W. Galbraith on Manga, Anime, and Otaku

How did an all-American boy – born in Alaska and raised on a farm in Montana – end up living in Tokyo, giving tours of Akihabara, and dressing in his favorite manga and anime costumes as if every day were Halloween?

Meet Patrick Galbraith, author of the new book The Otaku Encyclopedia: An Insider’s Guide to the Subculture of Cool Japan. By day, Patrick is an ethnographer and journalist based in Tokyo. He’s also a Ph.D. candidate in the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies at the University of Tokyo. By night, he pursues a self-admitted obsession with manga and anime.

Working as a freelance journalist specializing in Japanese popular culture since 2004, Galbraith writes a regular column for Metropolis magazine. Under the auspices of H.I.S. Experience Japan, he also runs a weekly tour of Akihabara, the otaku capital of Japan. Prior to moving to Japan, he earned degrees in print journalism and Japanese at the University of Montana.

Patrick Galbraith will be discussing otaku culture and signing copies of The Otaku Encyclopedia at Elliot Bay Books in Seattle on Wednesday, September 2, 2009 at 7:30 PM.

Patrick was kind enough to answer some questions for Seattle Metblogs about otaku culture, his studies, and Japanese pop media.

When and why did you become involved in Japanese pop culture fandom? Do you recall how your interest originated?


I was maybe five or six years old when I first saw anime, Japanese anime. I was sitting waiting for my parents in this barbershop, and the owner was playing anime in Japanese. I have no idea why, but guess it might have been a kind of background noise or ambience. The work was Miyazaki Hayao’s Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, this immersive story that takes place in a world ravaged by war and ecological disaster. (more…)

in other blogs: jaywalking bike rental, bucking pony, rail tours, lawyering extras

photo by Veronica Luongo [flickr] via our group pool [#]
  • Not only is Greg Nickels entertaining the idea of a Euroesque bike-sharing program for Seattle, he actually rode one of the bikes around at a demonstration. [seattlepi] Speaking of which, what ever happened to the electric bike sharing program [times] that the UW was going to try in the fall of 2008?
  • Insanely old news in blogyears, but this story about the White Sox GM getting a ticket for jaywalking is hilarious; as is the idea that Seattleites don’t jaywalk. [seattlest]
  • Slightly old news in businessjournalyears, but some details about Pony and how it’s bucking the alleged trend of non-divey bars on the hill. [seattlegayscene]
  • Haven’t ridden the rails yet? Amber Campbell is providing station-by-station tours to get you on board. [seattletransitblog]
  • Josh Feit sez: “McGinn was an attorney for T-Mobile in 2005 when the company was accused of screwing over consumers.” Sticker-happy bike-loving tunnel-hater McGinn responds: “just because a complaint alleges that ‘bait and switch’ occurs does not mean that there was any baiting and switching. … That’s why courts try cases (and reporters check facts) and don’t simply conclude that allegations are true.” I shrug: “too late, already voted.” [publicola]
  • The Twilight Exit is getting a fresh mural painted on the side of their building and it isn’t a failwhale. [cdnews]
  • There’s still time for you to get your brush with MTV webfame as an extra in one of the episodes of $5 Cover being filmed by Lynn Shelton & local bands around town. [soundonthesound]

in other blogs: forbidden shaggy wifi penguins dropping f-bombs on cobain

photo by davezombie [flickr] via our group pool [#]
  • Someone dropped an F-bomb on Aberdeen’s Cobain memorila. [theawl]
  • it’s been a couple years, so it’s about time to trot out the old fake trendpiece about cafe wifi and the strawman target of how people who use laptops as somehow more offensive than people who occupy tables while reading a book, making doodles, or writing poetry while nursing a mug of drip. [seattlest]
  • The latest salvo in the ongoing battle regarding photography in public places makes its way to the bus/rail tunnel. [westseattleblog]
  • Short of cash but long of hair? Get a $15 haircuts from up-and-coming VAIN stylists. [vainblog]
  • Those ornithologically incorrect marching penguins can find a place in your home for the right price. [woodlandparkz]
  • Combing through liquor license applications reveals the possibility of a new indie-bucks coming to Broadway. [capitolhillseattle]

in other blogs : other blogs

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  • Seems that everyone wants to get into the lucrative world of fame and fortune that comes with neighborhood blogging. Following news earlier this summer about the P-I’s foray into the microlocal brings news that KOMO is dipping their networked toes into the waters, too, with a doubling (from what baseline, I don’t know) of their online and blogging staff. [publicola] The always-enterprising Tracy Record from venerable hyperlocal powerhouse West Seattle Blog made some lucky guesses and determined the URLs for some of these sites [twitter] and found that likely coverage will include ballard, capitol hill, & west seattle with Drupal-powered [twitter] blogs, business reviews, and forums. Of course, this sleuthing resulted in a takedown of all of the nascent sites by early evening; so hope you saved your screencaps.
  • A poll by the University of Washington shows that just about anyone could make it out of the primaries to face Greg Nickels in the general election. Disappointingly, it also looks like the chemical interests will have their way with our bag fee. [postglobe]
  • There is an honest to goodness war, I tell you, above the fold, bold type, exaggerated point sized typeface worthy war, on the seagulls of our fair city. [times]
  • Before his early demise, Heath Ledger conceived and began to direct a trippy gory animated video for Modest Mouse‘s “King Rat” to raise awareness of illegal whaling off the Australian coast. [vulture]

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  • Wonder where all of those signatures [whosigned] for R-71 and against domestic partnership came from? Rural churches, mostly. [postglobe]
  • the Stranger appears to be looking outside its own gates for its next News Editor, vacant since Erica C. Barnett left for Publicola. [classifieds]
  • Canoe Social Club, the member lounge/gallery/bar/collegiate-style rec room in the International District, just upgraded their website.
  • Join the Maldives in the spotlight on MTV at the Tractor. [ballardgossipgirl]
  • Watch rockers and teens wolfing down doughnuts at Top Pot. [flickr/iamdonte]

in other blogs: saving our blue angel ire for later

photo by liquidnight [flickr] via our group pool [#].
  • local sloppy pop sweethearts, BOAT, are releasing a new album in October (but playing a show next month, hooray! 7 August!). Keep track of the behind the scenes making, and making of, videostyle. [youtube]
  • One of the Zoo’s snow leopard cubs has a name, the other doesn’t. You can help fix that. [woodlandparkz]
  • The Seattle P-I dives into the neighborhood blog scene, making a landing in Queen Anne. [seattlehound]
  • Rosencrantz and Miller are the least fun city council candidates — no marijuana or skinny dipping. [slog]

retweet: city solutions from dylan

Problem: Seattle needs a cheap way to deal with snow and heat. Solution: Ice cream trucks with snowplows attached.
by @dylanw. follow us on the twitter machine @seattlemetblogs.

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photo by g stonebraker [flickr] via our group pool [#].
  • the OMFG it’s Hot Picture Meme is in full swing [lj.seattle]
  • In addition, the heat is inspiring people to do stuff like taking off their clothes [slog], swimming in the sound [myballard], putting a pool on wheels [citizenrain], jumping in fountains [queenanneview], taking dangerous dives [madisonpark].
  • Subsonic is not pleased with Spin‘s take (via Alex Crick’s super photos [#]) on the Seattle music scene. [seattlesubsonic]
  • Bumbershoot announced their Music Lounge series, an intimate series of performances embedded within the festival and always a regular highlight. Reservations for Hey Marseilles, Telekinesis, Gang Gang Dance, Os Mutantes, Elvis Perkins in Dearland (Sat); Common Market, Sera Cahoone, Vivian Girls, Holy Fuck, Raphael Saadiq (Sun); and Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears, The Cave Singers, Akron/Family, Vieux Farka Touré, Metric (Mon) are free and first-come, first-served starting 11 August. [bumbershoot]
  • Get ready, the 3rd Annual Doughnut Eating Contest strikes on Saturday. Barsuk, Hardly Art, Sub Pop, Suicide Squeeze, and Light In The Attic will send their finest eaters to team up with a randomly-selected teammate to claim the title from  Billy the Fridge. [subpop]

in other blogs: out of towners

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  • Nicholson Baker gets a Kindle, writes 6,000+ words about it, and decides that he likes the iPhone/iTouch version better. [newyorker]
  • the PostGlobe, who started writing an online news magazine a few month ago, would like you to pay them $120 a year to keep them afloat or for a few good wealthy people to kick in some major capital. At present, they’ve scrounged enough cash to stay open for a few more weeks. [postglobe]
  • While Capitol Hill was sweating at a music festival, Ballard was soaked in seafood. [myballard]
  • When are we doing this in Seattle? New York’s Foursquare mayors get together for a “Town Holler”. [nytimes]
  • Marisa Meltzer’s serial novel makes a visit to the northwest. [theawl]
  • Francis Ford Coppola writes a love letter to Seattle. [publicola]
  • You might like to know that there is a band called Enumclaw. [mbv]
  • Capitol Hill crowdsources a search for air conditioned drinking establishments. [chs]
  • Mathew Baldwin and Caitlin Burke take a stroll down First Avenue. [themorningnews]
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