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grey’s anatomy recap : oh no! disaster! (season 3, episode 15)

Gas3E15 Disaster
quick! can you spot grant cogswell in this cgi melee?

Hello, and welcome to Grey’s Anatomy [abc] ripped from the headlines and made much more horrific! After the jump, a recap of part one (of several) about what happens when a Washington State Ferry and a Cargo Ship meet in a “fog bank”.

grey’s anatomy recap : i think you’re toxic (season 3, episode 13)


Yow! After the jump, here’s the recap for last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy [abc], courtesy of special guest recapper Ellen. Behind the jump, all of the fallout from last week’s proposals, an important lesson about mixing new age and conventional treatments, a Notebook moment for Mother Grey, miraculous leaps through red tape and construction projects, and an eight million dollar sex ed lesson.

grey’s anatomy recap: the devil’s playground (season 3, episode 13)

Gas3E14 Opening

In last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy [abc], officially named after a Belle & Sebastian song, Seattle Grace Hospital gets a visit from a dehydrated runner and an escaped Amish. George deals with his dad’s death, the senior doctors scramble upon hearing rumors of the Chief’s retirement, and Bailey has a dream. All of this in the unsurprisingly delayed recap. After the jump.

grey’s anatomy recap : quiet singer songwriter showcase (season 3, episode 12)

Gas3E12 Addisonalexkatimsky

The conclusion of last week’s Grey’s Anatomy [abc] episode, in which our favorite interns {as if we have a choice} from Seattle Grace Hospital deal with the aftermath of the O’Malley surgery, the constant presence of Mr. Katimsky / Grey in the nursery, ongoing silent treatments, near kisses, and important milestones. All of this to the tune of indie songwriters on the soundtrack, after the jump.

grey’s anatomy recap: six days, part 1 (season 3, episode 11)

After a lengthy hiatus (the last new episode aired back in 2006), everyone’s favorite interns are back at work. And it’s almost like no time has passed: After the jump, catch up on George’s dad finally getting that cancer surgery, Meredith and Derek actually dating, Addison and Alex flirting, and Izzy’s ongoing struggle with her candy-striper status.

the gospel of the grey’s

Our favorite soapy doctors are being dragged into an Atlanta church to teach the congregation important lessons about morality. Rather than a sweeps-related plotline taking the interns from Seattle Grace on a whirlwind cross-country road trip in which everyone learns an important lesson about family values after sleeping with everyone else during a particularly poignant spontaneous artery dissection necessitated by one member of the congregation’s overly enthusiastic response to a fiery sermon, it’s the latest trend in getting the kids to show up for morning services.

Week after week, Snellville United Methodist Church pastor Dr. Richard Hunter will provide character studies, do some role-playing, and provide advice for the conflicted characters of Grey’s Anatomy. The article describing the show to non-viewers and outlining the schedule of clip-enhanced services is so entertaining that I almost wish that I had a trip to the Southeast planned. We can only hope that the package of sermons runs long enough to merit a syndication order. [ajc]

(via popwatch [ew], who propose a few extra grey’s anatomy-inspired commandments)

grey’s anatomy recap: family matters (season 3, episode 10)

Brothers Gas3E10

Another week, another Grey’s Anatomy [abc] recap. After the jump, catch up on the aftermath of Sandra Oh & Chief Wannabe #2’s deception, a brand new set of conjoined twins, and more family drama of the O’Malley (and Grey, too) variety.

grey’s anatomy recap: the blame game (season 3, episode 9)

Bloodyoh Gas3E9

While you were recovering from your Thanksgiving-induced coma, there was an extra long, super explosive, and blood soaked episode of Grey’s Anatomy [abc]. In case you missed it, a recap is waiting for you after the jump.

grey’s anatomy: staring at the sun (season 3, episode 8)


Hi! I’m back prematurely, but not to worry, the recapping duty (heh-heh, I said, “duty.”) will be back upon Josh’s shoulders soon. In the meantime, please turn a blind eye to CRo’s drunken snark that follows. Unless, of course, you like that sort of thing. I mean, if you do, you have Anna from the Swell to thank since she makes a rockin’ Manhattan. But I babble (I’m prone to that). Full recap after the jump.


grey’s anatomy: where the boys are (season 3, episode 7)


Josh and I had a slapfight at the meet-up this Thursday to see who would recap that night’s show.

No, not really. If that really happened, he would have won and I wouldn’t be doing this now, would I? I’m serious, he could totally take me. I really don’t have any slap fight skills or any other fighting-type skills. I’m more of a laminiator, not a fighter. In any case, I was really at the meet-up and thus missed the original airing, but did you know they re-run the episode on Friday nights? Or at least they did last night, which was nice of ABC to do for me. Thanks! But I’m rambling. What you’re really after, the full recap, is after the jump. Enjoy!

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