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photos: natalie portman’s shaved head at the block party

natalie portman's shaved head

photo by joshc [flickr]

OK. just one more picture from me. I hope that some of you braved the thick crowds to check out Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head last night between Les Savy Fav and Vampire Weekend. Did someone forget to tell these guys that they’re teenagers? I thought that all teen bands were supposed to be a little bit embarrassing, but these kids sounded like well-polished professionals, with exceptional stage presence, great lyrics, and killer songs.

photos: capitol hill block party, friday

girl talk-10

girl talk, in the middle of a wonderfully hot mess of a set on friday night. more pictures, including u.s.e., menomena, les savy fav, natalie portman’s shaved head, christine gregoire [!], and vampire weekend: [flickr]

Day two of the Capitol Hill Block Party just kicked off. If you’re not already there, I expect that you’re probably in the midst of preparing yourselves for another day in the thick of the crowds and beer gardens.

Stay tuned for dispatches from Samantha, Ryan, and the rest of the Metblogs gang. I spent most of the first day snapping some pictures, dodging crowdurfers and security bribers, and steering clear of Tim Harrington’s feet [flickr]. Flip through the photoset [flickr], drop a few of your own photos into our group pool, and let us know what your highlights have been so far.

capitol hill block party : firing up the recommend-o-tron

“Block Party” is more than a slight misnomer for the thing that’s starting on Capitol Hill in just about four hours. Don’t expect to find your neighbors grilling hot dogs in the street. Instead, inside the walled-off two block section of Pike Street between 12th and Broadway you’ll find a rare commodity in this era of overwhelming summer music events: a relatively inexpensive small scale music festival with outstanding talent on multiple stages. From mainstage headliners to opening acts in satellite venues to afterparties, there’s far too much to keep you occupied during the one and a half days. It’s more like a month of shows you’d like to see crammed into a single weekend.

Honestly, even if you used a random number table to plot your course it would be hard to go wrong. As far as I’m concerned, the only critical mistakes would be (1) not going and (2) not seeing Girl Talk while you’re there. In a infinitesimal section of Feed the Animals running from Cheap Trick into Jimi Hendrix over Yael Naim and through Eminem, Gillis has given us one of the best and most entertaining minutes of knowing cultural commentary we’re likely to hear all year. And that is just one among dozens and dozens. Set loose among and outdoor crowd, it has the potential to be the smartest sweating you’ll experience all summer.

Here’s the whole schedule [stranger]. But because we can’t resist telling you how to spend your time, a few recommendations from your pals at Metblogs. Start ginning up excuses to get out of the office early because there are highlights from start-to-finish. See you there!


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