Grand Archives album release today

5609It’s no secret that Grand Archives is a band well-loved by certain members of the Metblogs team (also, a band made entirely of nice, nice guys) so it’s pretty exciting that today is the official release of their second album, “Keep In Mind Frankenstein” [subpop]. (Or maybe I’m just a sucker for a novelty bandana. Hard to say.) This album is softer and darker than the last one, and it will be the perfect soundtrack for the beginning of fall. Celebrate by listening to the band live on KEXP at 3:00, or go to the Capitol Hill Sonic Boom at 7:00 and listen to them play the whole thing acoustically. I’m pretty sure that if you don’t want to fold these guys up and put them in your pocket for all of your road trips ever, it’s because you’re made of stone.

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