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By the second day of Bumbershoot, you’ll have reacclimated to the crowds and come to terms with the forecast. There’s a lot to recommend diving in to the middle day of the festival even if you don’t remember how or why you’d want to spell Mraz. Our suggestions follow.


Kore Ionz (12:30 – 1:30, Fisher Green): Local band fights social injustice with energetic world rhythm rock and reggae, engaging your brain and your booty with equal fervor. [zee]

Hey Marseilles (12:45 – 1:45, Broad Street) :  Reminiscent of the Decemberists before they wandered away from well-crafted orchestral pop in favor of indulgent prog-inspired epics, these locals know their way around a horn solo, string section, according, and full stage singalong. They’re also on KEXP at 12:15 (Saturday) and [josh]

The Enablers Have Spoken and You’re Fine with Spencer Moody (1:45 – 3:00, Leo K. Theatre) – Still more awesome poetry and spoken word, moderated by the nearly divine Spencer Moody (Murder City Devils). [stan]

Black Whales (2:00 – 3:00, EMP): Four cute Seattle boys making dirty pop punk music? Yes, please. [samantha]

Picture and Sound (2:00 – 3:00, SIFF Cinema): Official and unofficial music videos featuring songs by Damien Jurado, The Dutchess and the Duke, Modest Mouse, Fleet Foxes and more. [zee]

Mt. St. Helen’s Vietnam Band (2:30 – 3:30, Broad Street): What can I say about MSHVB that I haven’t already said, right here on this very website? This band is fun and exciting and dynamic and had its own ice cream flavor. [samantha]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2:30 – 3:45, Memorial Stadium) : As far as I’m concerned, the most compelling reason to hit the astroturf and face the mainstage during the entire weekend. The combination of Karen O’s live-wire performances and amazing fashions, Nick Zinner’s incomparable guitars, and Brian Chase’s jubilant drumming make for electrifying shows. Despite the hour’s competitive counter-programming, this is the most unmissable set of the day, if not the whole festival. [josh]

S.E. Hinton (3:30pm – 4:45pm, Bagley Wright): Ms. Hinton hates travelling, and despises public speaking, so she rarely agrees to appear at literary events. This is a rare and special opportunity to see and hear the woman who has written some of the most important/popular/influential US Young Adult literature of the 20th century: The Outsiders (written when Hinton herself was still a teen); That Was Then, This Is Now; Rumble Fish; Tex… Worth coming out from under your rock for. [stan]

U.S.E. (4:15 – 5:15, Broad Street) : a dozen glamorous people on stage having a party just for you. [josh]

Sera Cahoone (5:00 – 6:00, Mural): One of these days, Sera Cahoone and her band are going to break out into a full on hoedown. You’ll want to be there if that happens. And even if it doesn’t. [samantha]

Vivian Girls (6:00 – 7:00, EMP) : If you liked their recorded-in-a-shoebox-lined-with-newspaper debut record (I did!), you’ll be dazzled by how much better this trio sounds with a decent sound system. The droning lo-fi is often too enthusiastic through earbuds blossom as the vocals surface in live settings and you get caught up with your neighbor’s head-bobbing while the girls take turns dashing off stage for drinks. [josh]

Zak Smith: We Did Porn (5:45 – 6:45, Leo K. Theatre)- I’m interested in pornography, the sex industry, socio-economic justice, et cetera, so this sounds vaguely worthwhile to me: “Through memoir and drawings, Smith narrates his foray into pornography and gives his readers a new understanding of the industry.” [stan]

Holy F**k (7:45 – 8:45, Broad Street): Holy F**k deserves all the expletives and punctuation they want. All of their electronic weirdness and lo-fi chaos will have you bouncing up and down and scratching your head at the same time. [samantha]

No Age (6:45 – 7:45, Exhibition Hall) : Randy Randall and Dean Allen Spunt, the two pieces of this loud once-underground Los Angeles punk-type duo make plenty of noise, but most of it is wildly optimistic and strangely refined for all of its teenage rebellion. They’re serious business, not only did Randall dislocate his shoulder in a dance off against Dan Deacon, he played through the pain at Lollapalooza. [josh]  

David Cross (8:15 – 9:30, Bagley Wright) must I even explain? [steven]

MSTRKRFT (8:30 – 10:00, Exhibition Hall) : It will be hot and loud with the bass echoing around the high school gymnasium style tilework, lasers shining in your eyes, and everyone dancing sweatily. Maybe that’s what you need. [josh]

The Twilight Zone (9:00 – 10:00, SIFF Cinema):   Nothing tops a day of standing outside in the hot sun/pouring rain like going inside a dark theater for a viewing of creepy/weird short films. [zee]

Helio Sequence (9:30 – 10:45, Broad Street) I just plain love the Helio Sequence, and I can’t think of a better place to be listening to them than at the Broad Street stage after dark. I can only imagine that this set will be a contender for Bumbershoot magic. [samantha]

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  1. jinushaun (unregistered) on September 3rd, 2009 @ 9:31 pm

    Why does Seattle Metblogs hate Jason Mraz? Not ‘indie’ enough for Seattle? Too happy?

  2. josh on September 4th, 2009 @ 1:59 pm

    we kid because we care. also because too often people look only at the 6 headliners and think that they represent all of Bumbershoot, which is clearly not the case. Thus, we’re trying to highlight some of the stuff that falls below the fold.

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