bumbershoot agenda : monday guidance

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If the real weekend of festivaling hasn’t ground you into a tired heap, there’s a reason they call it a three-day weekend. Day three has plenty of appeal even if you haven’t dreamed about kissing a girl to stoke the publicity engines.


Vampires and Robots: Kevin Emerson, Daniel Wilson (12:00 – 1:15, Leo K. Theatre) – Wilson wrote The Mad Scientist Hall of Fame and How To Survive a Robot Uprising. ‘Nuff said. [stan]

Visqueen (12:45 – 1:45, Broad Street): I would follow Rachel Flotard anywhere. She’s all swagger and voice and an hour long set is only going to feel like 12 minutes. Visqueen has some crazy magic. [samantha]

Reel Grrls (2:00 – 3:00, SIFF Cinema): Young female filmmakers from the Seattle area offer up fresh new perspectives on the world around us. [zee]

Black Eyed Peas (3:00 – 4:15, Memorial Stadium) : if you’re at Bumbershoot on Monday afternoon it would be really weird not to at least take a gawky peek inside during this show, am I right? [josh]

Jeff Jensen & the writers of LOST (3:30 – 4:45, Leo K Theatre) : Writing for Entertainment Weekly, Jeff “Doc” Jensen recaps, videoblogs, and spins inspired interpretations and finds obscure connections in the most minute threads from each week’s episode of the time-hopping fractured narrative of the hit ABC drama. Here, he sits down with the writers and producers of the show — to do what, I’m not sure — but fanboys and girls looking for breadcrumbs as the series approaches its [I can only hope] epic conclusion are sure to turn out in force to parse any pieces of the puzzle spilled on stage. [josh]

The Devil Makes Three (5:00 – 6:00, Starbucks Stage): I’m just going to go ahead and say that any band with ragtime inspiration is going to be a lot of fun. [samantha]

Made in Seattle (5:30 – 6:30, SIFF Cinema): Four unique visions of hipster parents, interconnectivity, pollution and a very special meal, from four unique Seattle filmmakers. [zee]

Dead Confederate (5:45 to 6:45, Exhibition Hall): This is some dark and dirty Southern rock, and last year’s Wrecking Ball had a lot of people getting the vapors. [samantha]

Jason Webley (5:45pm – 6:45pm, Bagley Wright) is a master of crowd participation, the accordion, and songs about drinking. Another local artist, Jason’s shows are rarely missed by those in the know. [shawn]

The Cave Singers (6:45 to 7:45, Mural): The Cave Singers have never yet done a House of the Rising Sun cover that I have seen, but I appreciate that they always sound like they’re just about to. [samantha]

Franz Ferdinand (7:45 – 9:00, Memorial Stage) : Big and danceable, lean angluar tempo switching rock from Glasgow keeps the memory of an assassinated archduke alive. [josh]

Soulsavers featuring Mark Lanegan (7:45 – 8:45, Broad Street): Rock, gospel, soul and country flavored electronica blended with one of the NW’s best voices to produce darkly beautiful songs of reflection. [zee]

Youth Speaks Seattle w/Staceyann Chin and Prometheus Brown (7:45 – 9:00, Leo K. Theatre) – If you’re not exhausted and completely sick of Bumbershoot by then, check out what the kids are doing: “Finalists and winners of the 2009 Seattle Youth Poetry Slam Series will join Staceyann Chin and Prometheus Brown (aka Geologic of Blue Scholars) to form a terrifically lyrical, relevant and thought-provoking poetry/hip-hop lineup.” After all, the children are our future and stuff… [stan]

Truckasauras (7:45 – 8:45, EMP) These local kings of lo-fi create their sound with old Commodore 64 mods, a Roland TR-808, Gameboy beats, and a distorted megaphone. [Shawn]

Metric (9:30 – 10:45, Broad Street): You know you can’t resist Metric. Just thinking about catching them live has your heart beating like a hammer… [Shawn]

3 Inches of Blood (9:30 – 10:30, Exhibition Hall): It’s too bad that 3 Inches of Blood is still living in the sound hole of the Exhibition Hall–I bet they’d be so much easier to understand outside. Still, if you’re going to get kicked in the head in a mosh pit at Bumbershoot, this is the one I recommend. [samantha]

Modest Mouse (9:30 – 10:45, Memorial Stadium): Home(ish) town heroes have cleaned up their grimy indie rock and somewhat improbably floated on to mainstream success, picking up a certain Smiths guitarist along the way. Don’t hold a minivan commercial against them as they close out the festival and the mainstage tonight. [josh]

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