Ticket Giveaway: Art Brut

musicfollow1_artbrut_simonplunket-570Now that we’re three albums in, we’re all past thinking that Art Brut is nothing but irony and showmanship, right? Good. Their latest album, Art Brut vs. Satan is right in line with what you’d expect from Art Brut, songs about girls and bad jobs and music–and this time, it’s been produced by Frank Black.

But listening to Art Brut on an album is only about a quarter of the fun listening to them in person is. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them indoors and at Neumos, but the last time that happened I was honestly concerned that the dancing and jumping of the crowd was going to be more than the structural integrity of the floor could take. Frontman Eddie Argos works overtime whenever he gets onstage, bounding into the audience and rocketing around his bandmates all while keeping up a steady stream of speaking/singing.

Honestly, this quote, from The Stranger’s interview, sort of sums it up: “If you hate Art Brut, we hate you, and we think you’re Satan, and we’re going to get you. Anyone who doesn’t like Art Brut, I’ve decided, is Satan.”

If you’re not Satan and therefore do like Art Brut, we have a pair of tickets for Saturday’s show for one of you. Send an email to seattle.metblogs@gmail.com with a catchy subject about Art Brut and we’ll pick a winner by tomorrow afternoon. Bonus points if your entry includes a haiku.

For those of you who don’t want to take a chance, doors are at 8:00 and tickets are $13 at the door of Neumos, Saturday night. Black Night Crash and Miike Snow open.

(Image by Simon Plunket.)

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