jan drago and the hammering man making a run for mayor

According to a weekend press bulletin, Jan Drago will be holding a press conference at a “podium with mikes” near SAM’s Hammering Man to announce “her decision on the Mayor race.” The event takes place at 12:30; so if you’re looking for a lunchtime diversion, pack a picnic lunch and a question or two.

However, the appearance of JanDrago4Mayor on twitter seems to have spoiled the surprise about which way she’s leaning.

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the first non-test post from @jandrago4mayor

update: Another release this morning provides a preview of her remarks, including a dig a Greg Nickels for making such a name for himself across the country: “I am not running to be the nation’s Mayor. There is enough here to do at home.” Among her with her promised focus on reinvigorating our economy and rebuilding trust between the neighborhoods and the Mayor’s Office, Drago pledged to “hit the reset button and lead this city.” I’m not entirely sure what that means, but if it’s anything like the –SPOILER– season finale of LOST, it should be exciting and blinding.

(full press release after the jump)


Taking Trusted Leadership to the Mayor’s Office

Seattle, May 26 – In front of colleagues, associates, supporters, friends and family, Jan Drago announced her candidacy for Mayor of Seattle.

Jan formally announced that she is running for Mayor of Seattle because she is “worried that Seattle has lost momentum. It’s time to push the reset button and get Seattle working again.”

Emphasizing her leadership style of bringing people together, Jan declared,

“I am not running to be the nation’s Mayor. There is enough here to do at home. I am running to be the Mayor of Lake City, the Mayor of Greenwood, the Mayor of Georgetown, the Mayor of South Park and the Mayor of all our diverse neighborhoods. One size does not fill all – every neighborhood is distinct. And no one should be afraid to disagree with City Hall.”

The issues Jan stressed were: reinvigorating our economy and putting people back to work; rebuilding trust between the neighborhoods and the Mayor’s Office; reestablishing positive city relationships with the State Legislature; supporting strong and consistent law enforcement policies; supporting and helping our public schools; and ensuring an adequate safety net for those who through no fault of their own have fallen on hard times and between the cracks.

Wrapping up her remarks, Drago told her audience, “I am ready! I have been preparing for this my entire life – as a mother, a grandmother, a teacher, a small business owner and an elected official. My record is one of trusted leadership and I am the trusted choice to hit the reset button and lead this city.”

About Jan Drago:

Jan Drago was a small business owner when she first entered politics as a neighborhood activist and as Chair of Seattle’s Neighborhood Council. Since 1994 she has played a leading roll on the City Council on neighborhood, economic development, and transportation and social service issues.   

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