downtown lunch : mod pizza


Not that I’m having lunch downtown anymore really, since I’m unemployed. However, I did get the chance to try out Mod Pizza twice before leaving my lonely office aerie early last month. Located at 1302 6th Avenue (Union Square), this place is relatively new to the neighborhood.

I should point out that I am a rather picky pizza eater with all kinds of pizza rules and regulations that I will be happy to bore you with if you’re dumb nice enough to ask. That said, the pizza isn’t bad, especially for the price. For $6 you can order off the menu of predetermined toppings or you can design your own. I spent less than $10 for a pizza, a beverage, and a ding-dong (impulse buy). I was full, happy, and I really can’t say that there are a lot of places in the downtown office building area that can provide all that for less than $12. Plus, did I mention ding-dongs? It’s been years!

The crust is a thin wood-fired jobbie that, while not spectacular, is a good vehicle for the toppings. The sauce is a little on the sweeter side (rather than spicy), but is tasty. The toppings are what make this pizza worthwhile: fresh, plentiful, and varied. I got a plain cheese one time and an artichoke/onion combo another. As a whole, the pizza is light and fresh tasting, rather than a huge greasy gut bomb that no one wants in the middle of the day. Service isn’t “ultra fast,” but it is well-paced and you don’t spend your whole lunch ordering and waiting for your food.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fast, tasty pizza for lunch, I’d say definitely give it a go.

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