Olive 8’s coffee bar: a great addition to the downtown coffee scene

The Olive 8 building may be ugly and drab on the outside (seriously, what were the designers thinking with those mesh patterned windows that look perpetually dingy?) but the spacious, light-filled first floor lobby is lovely, providing a charming backdrop for drinking what very well may be the best latte I’ve had in my life.

Nestled around corner from the front door, the coffee bar at the Olive 8 at first blush resembles any other coffee bar you see downtown until you realize that instead of offering the same old scones and muffins you can get just about anywhere, they have on display a collection of meats and artisan cheeses. Their torta rustica is a fine breakfast and if you want something more muffiny, so is the Nutella brioche. There’s even a yogurt bar to allow you to customize your yogurt breakfast or snack.

The coffee is the true attraction, though. Each cup of drip is individually brewed from your choice of beans, each exquisite espresso drink carefully crafted. The bar offers your choice of handmade syrups, including a ginger syrup that makes me want to weep for the pleasure of drinking it.

Trust me, I don’t usually get this excited about coffee but being someone for whom coffee is by necessity a special treat rather than a daily diet, I’m always thrilled when my special treat really is special. Regular coffee drinkers deserve a great coffee experience, too, though, and I can definitely recommend the coffee bar at the Olive 8 for that great coffee experience. Next time you’re in the vicinity of Olive and 8th, stop in and have a cup.

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  1. micah on February 25th, 2009 @ 12:26 pm

    Yes! I just headed down there and their coffee is totally amazing. A 12oz cup came to $1.86 after tax. The food prices scared me, though: $5 for a little piece of meat? Ouch.

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