Review: Blind Pilot show

Triple door seats were completely full for the Blind Pilot show on Monday night. So unavailable were these seats that I had to force myself to give up my plan to locate and steal an empty one. There just weren’t any! Luckily the performing bands put on a show that took my mind off of the blood rushing to my legs. In fact, their performance was so good the blood started to re-navigate its path to my heart and brain (or maybe it was the beer).

The tail end of opener 3 Leg Torso, made me kick myself for being even a little late. Their lyric-less melodies jived really well with the starry lights on their backdrop, and the rest of the venue. This, combined with the aromas of Asian cuisine from those enjoying dinner and a show, created an interestingly sophisticated atmosphere.

As soon as Blind Pilot came onstage, the atmosphere shifted to welcome the earthy personalities that decorated the stage. Lead singer, Israel Nebeker, had a charming boyishness about him that really resonated with the audience. How can anyone resist a good-looking, curly-haired boy, in a short-sleeved collared shirt with neck tie and white sneakers? Admittedly, after a few cycles of Blind Pilot in my cd player I found myself falling as quickly out of love with them as I had fallen in love with them, but their show warranted another change of heart. With the exception of one microphone being too loud (dulcimer and banjo player, Kati Claborn has kickin’ vocal capabilities. Still, too loud), the acoustics of the show were mastered wonderfully. The subtle tones of the vibraphone and bass meshed well with the trumpet chime-ins, and each crescendo and diminuendo could be felt by the sway of the audience. Blind Pilot played a couple songs that aren’t on their cd, 3 rounds and a sound, but anyone who hadn’t looped their cd in their car for the last week and a half wouldn’t know that. The tracks transitioned well from one to the next, making it an enjoyable and relaxed Monday night show.

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