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Do you have a dog? If you live in Seattle, one in three of you will answer, “Yes!” to that question. In fact, if you live in Seattle, you are more likely to have a dog than a child. Unfortunately, if your pet needs emergency or critical health care, there are far fewer resources available for pets than for people… which is where ACCES comes in.

ACCES is Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services, Seattle’s only 24/7 emergency, critical care, and specialty animal hospital. And they need blood. Specifically, dog blood. If your dog is healthy, not on medication, at least 55 lbs, and can lie still with a needle in its neck for about 10 minutes (not as unlikely as you might think), then your pet might be a good candidate for blood donations. ACCES operates the only animal blood bank in this area; while animal blood can be purchased from nationwide blood banks, they are often backordered by weeks. Having a community blood bank allows ACCES to have blood on hand for emergencies, making the difference between life and death for area pets.

Every dog considered for blood donation receives a full medical exam, including blood tests, several weeks before the first donation date. Donors also receive an exam before every donation, copious amounts of liver treats afterwards, and a toy to take home. Donor’s owners get a bumper sticker that announces “My Dog Gave Blood” (which no one will force you to put on your car), and that warm, fuzzy feeling deep in your heart, from making a positive contribution to your community.

And, hey, maybe after Fido has donated, you could, too!

Puget Sound Blood Center

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  1. hmw412 on January 19th, 2009 @ 11:39 am

    [wipes tears] I want to thank everyone who participates in this program. My beloved cockapoo of 10 years, Pretty Damn Bold, was stricken with IMHA (Immune mediated hemolytic anemia – a weakness of the breed) just before Thanksgiving. She received two blood transfusions at ACCES. Despite best efforts, we lost her. But I will be forever grateful to the people and their dogs who take the time to participate in this program – you at least gave her a final shot at life. It’s been a very hard holiday without her but knowing we did everything possible to save her helps ease our sadness. If possible, please consider participating.

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