my cat could shoot that?

Catblogging is an old time internet tradition in which bloggers, particularly ornery political types, post pictures of their cats at the end of the week to remind readers and ranters of their softer side. On the other side, sites like I Can Haz Cheezeburger show cats as the object of hilariously bad spelling. A Seattle cat, however, has taken blogging into his own paws with a camera collar and a flickr account:

photo from the CAT CAM photoset [flickr].

Cooper, a Greenwood cat, straps on a digital camera which snaps pictures every two minutes and roves the neighborhood once a week. The results, a whimsical look at the neighborhood, end up on Flickr and have garnered a bit of recent media attention [animal planet / seattlepi]. His guardian promises that none of the photos have been color corrected or altered, though there is the obvious element of curation (See also, My Kid Could Paint That [sony]) to keep the set from being an unwatchable mess of blurry photos.
Maybe Version 2.0 can incorporate an eye-fi?
(via phinneywood)

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