in other blogs : watch kermit the frog sing lcd soundsystem why don’t you?

have you seen the new rainbowy park in lower queen anne? thanks to chris villanueva [flickr] for sharing this view of counterbalance park via our group pool [#]
  • What’s this? Construction reveals that the Crocodile has skylights, will get bigger bathrooms. Countdown to February. [facebook ]
  • Were you aware that there is a gourmet popcorn emporium in our fair city? KuKuRuZa gets dished. [seattlest]
  • Reindeer are coming to Ballard for your children. [myballard]
  • Er, I’m not sure what “Northwest-style Mexican” cuisine means (NWUSA or NWMexico). Either way, Welcome to the Capitol Hill’s appendix, Barrio. [chs]
  • Yes, Sarah Jeglum’s “letter from the editor” is infuriating [daily] and her paper would better be ignored [mb], but attacking her looks [slog] makes it easier to ignore her misguided ideas about journalism , balance, and fuzzy notions about fostering a dialogue by “challenging” the campus community with poor reasoning and outdated opinions (stuff thrown out by the APA thirty-five years ago [thislife]). Oh, and unless you want to make some of those “atta-boys” official, maybe keep them to yourselves instead of sneaking them in at the end of a report about a GPSS resolution demanding apologies [dailyweekly].


  • Watch Lenin get lit tonight, complete with hot chocolate and a middle school band. BYO holiday spirits to mix into that cocoa. [fremontuniverse]
  • Black Eyes and Neckties bring exuberant horror rock to the Comet. [lineout]
  • Blitzen Trapper join the Parson Red Heads and Pwrfl Power. [chopsuey]

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