Concerning the pro-Prop 8 editorial in the UW Daily, the ensuing backlash from the Stranger and others, the protest on Friday, and life in general on the UW campus

Show of hands, UW students/faculty/staff: Do you even read the UW Daily?


I’m willing to bet that most of you only read it when there’s nothing else to read, or when you’re in some campus waiting room and it’s that or a 1987 admissions pamphlet for the College of Forestry. And even then, you probably flipped a coin to determine which one to read.

The Daily on the UW campus is only relevant now for one group — departments running ads advertising for student workers. It’s underread, underwritten, and under litter boxes all over the U District. But it’s not really the editors’ fault this has happened. They’re facing down the same turn in the market that every other newspaper has had to face. And they’re facing it by doing the only thing they can to get readers — be mind-numbingly provocative. It doesn’t matter that Dino Rossi would likely slash and burn higher ed so much that they’d be paying 25% more a year in tuition for a devalued education. What’s important is people read that endorsement and reacted. And people picked up the paper just to see what the latest outrage was. So they published more idiocy. Which just drove more outrage. And the spiral continues. Now they can play the aggrieved party tomorrow at the midday Red Square, pull in the local media, and just keep building on that outrage.

It’s a sucker’s game. They’re just reeling everyone in with their act. And the biggest suckers, ironically, are the biggest players of this outrage game in our local media — the same people who’ve played everyone else for suckers for over a decade now. I hope when John Fay gets his first Gawker or Fox News paycheck he remembers to send a thank-you fruit basket to the Stranger headquarters.

And the rest of you, maybe it’s time to go back to ignoring the existence of the Daily. After all, on a campus where a majority of undergrads are on Facebook and the president has over 750 friends, the Daily doesn’t even have a Facebook page.

Let The Daily finish its slide into irrelevance. Pay no attention to their outrage-baiting.

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  2. josh on December 6th, 2008 @ 6:15 pm

    After the Rossi endorsement, the Editor admitted as much. They’re hurting for attention and writing badly-reasoned editorials at least get them comments and pageviews. Still, with subscription based newspapers, readers can show their disapproval by unsubscribing. With the Daily, that’s less of an option since it is subsidized by student fees and (low/no) rent space on University property.

  3. John Eddy (jaydeflix) on December 8th, 2008 @ 3:51 pm

    My favorite UW paper ‘thing’ was a picture of a BBQ with the following caption:

    Dan Kohlbeck, left, grabs a steak off the flames for Zac Green at yesterday’s Animal Rights Barbecue, sponsored by the College Republicans.

    Which still makes me laugh. An animal rights BBQ.


    As I said when I originally blogged it: Damn republicans. =)

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