Metroblogging Drinks: Gainsbourg

All of a sudden, there’s a reason to go to Greenwood besides doing jello shots at the Baranoff. Gainsbourg, partly owned by Hannah Levin and taking over the old Northside Grill space above 85th, is a dark and friendly little bar with decently-priced small plate of French inspired food. (Do like we did and class up your pitcher of PBR with the escargot, which is much better than it should be at $6.)

You’ll recognize the bartenders from McLeod Residence and The Sunset, and for being pretty small the space is nicely laid out–a few booths, a line of two-person tables, and one big table with hidden leaves and a large candelabra that is an accident waiting to happen. There’s also a pretty cozy couch by the window, near the fake fireplace.

The place is a little hard to find right now, tucked in a row of storefronts with no obvious signs, and for now they are waiting for a liquor license and so only serving beer and wine–you’ll have to go across the street for liquor, for now. Gainsbourg looks exactly like what it’s claiming to be: a friendly neighborhood bar.

It’s located at 8850 Greenwood Ave. N.

(Image via Invisible Hour.)

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  1. josh on December 2nd, 2008 @ 11:59 am

    Ah, until now I didn’t process that they were taking over the Northside Grille. We went there on occasion for trivia.

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