Event Report: Seattle (half) Marathon

The Space Needle disappears into the fog

The Space Needle disappears into the fog

Yesterday morning, at some unearthly early hour, my husband and I ran our first half marathon – the Seattle Marathon Half.

If you’re thinking of running a half or a full marathon, I can recommend the Seattle Marathon series of events. Here’s a brief rundown of the event for anyone thinking about trying it next year.

The start of the event was a bit chaotic. Many of us were waiting in the parking lot next to the start line, but with the crowds, it was difficult to see where we were supposed to line up. The Full Marathon Walkers were off first, which seemed a bit odd to me. Sure, I understand they are going to be some of the last finishers, simply because they’re walking, but to start the Half Marathon runners only 10 minutes after the walkers seems a recipe for congestion. There was a little congestion, but it worked out better than I thought.

The weather was nearly perfect. It was misty, which made for a refreshing run (as refreshing as running 13.1 miles can actually be).

One of my main issues with past races I’ve run (5 mile races) has been water stops. This course had nearly perfectly placed water stops. There was one about every mile or mile and a half. There was one Gu stop at the 6 mile mark and ideally, I’d have liked one about mile 5 and another at mile 10, but that’s just me.

Supporters were all over the event ringing bells, cheering, there were even kids handing out Krispy Kremes at one point (though I’m sure that wasn’t an official support station). The course was beautiful, and though I could have done without running up Interlaken, the rest of the course was very manageable.

The only other glitch was almost funny. The race turns onto the I-90 Express Lanes. The Express Lanes are divided by a concrete barrier. When we approached, we could have chosen the left side of the barrier or the right. Most people in our little group chose the left. Well, this became the obvious wrong choice when we found out that the next two sets of bathrooms were ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BARRIER! I don’t know if they forgot to close off the left side of the barrier or they just didn’t plan well, but this was definitely funny as long as you didn’t “have to go”.

The end of the event was very well run. We were slow, so we didn’t have to worry about a mess of people, but medals were handed out as soon as we crossed the timing mats, chip takers were there to remove the timing chips, and warming blankets were immediately available.

I am not sure who thought it would be a good idea to have the recovery area UPHILL, but we managed to shuffle up there and were met with food, drink, and the most odd thing… hot bananas.

Overall, this was a fantastic event. Hopefully next year we’ll do the full marathon.

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