You, Your Ballot, And You: 2008 Edition

On this Election Eve, it’s time to finally get around to talking politics here on Metblogs, something we don’t do that often. Waiting until election day in a city where 1/3 of you have already turned in your absentee ballot probably isn’t smart, but hey.

I talked to the other authors about whether they wanted to endorse, and most all of us said they were going to go straight ticket with the Stranger endorsements.

(Aside on the Stranger: Isn’t is a little odd that a paper that would continue to keep images of those Danish cartoons of Muhammed online — and proudly, staunchly, and rightfully defended their publishing of those cartoons — now turns tail and pulls down their “Hell Houses” article the moment Michelle “I’m a shrill disingenuous harpie and you can too!” Malkin and Matt “Wait, I’m still relevant?” Drudge come sniffing around?)

But we were all in the tank for Obama, anyway. And I think we all prefer four more middling years of Gregoire over four hell years from Dino “Greased Weasel” Rossi. But most of all, there were buckets and buckets of scorn heaped on Tim “I Don’t Have A Real Job Anymore, I’m Just The Political Equivalent Of A Panhandler” Eyman’s I-985, which would, among other things, make it impossible to get 520 rebuilt without raising taxes. Wait, I thought this was about road improvements without raising taxes. Oh, right, it’s Tim Eyman logic!

Downticket, we’re pretty much with the Strange, pro-transit, anti-silly-King-County-amendments. The one issue more than one of us differed on was I-1000, the Assisted Suicide initiative. The issue here is we don’t see safeguards within the initiative to prevent insurance companies from covering death cocktails while denying costly treatments. There’s been anecdotal evidence of this happening in Oregon, and while it is anecdotal and mostly from those opposing the Oregon law, a couple of minor changes in the language would plug that hole. So, split decision on that.

Anyway, if you haven’t voted, that’s our advice, and by the way, go look yourself up in the King County election database and go vote tomorrow. If you have voted, well, good for you.

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