in other blogs : farewell to all of that

photo by james callan [flickr] via our group pool [#].
  • Who’d have guessed that rabid internet conservatives don’t “get” the Stranger’s sense of humor w/r/t publishing the addresses of people who expect political anonymity yet cover their front yards in political signs? [bigblog]
  • Thanks to Michael Kinsley we now know that bad penmanship can temporarily sink your ballot. [dailyweekly]
  • Joel Connolley rambles and rants about something. [seattlest]
  • Seattle Transit Blog supports Proposition 1. Let’s hope this turns the tide right around. [stb]
  • Always wanted to work for Linda? Oddfellows is hiring. [chs]
  • Just in time to find something stylish to wear to an election party, Blackbird is running a storewide 40% off sale with free champagne and pictures of puppies. That’s worth potentially much more than the free drip coffee you’ll get at Starbucks, the free ice cream at Ben & Jerry, and the free sex toy from Babeland combined. No voting required. [blackbird]

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