Whole Foods Bag Policy: don’t use your own in-store

We all know that Seattle is moving towards a future where far fewer plastic grocery bags end up snagged in trees or floating in local waterways, but what you might not expect is the complications the upcoming bag tax may have if it goes into effect. If everyone starts bringing their own reusable bags, stores may have a tough time separating the shoplifters from those who are just putting tomatoes in their own containers. At least, that’s the only rationale I can think of for this sign at the Roosevelt Whole Foods:

don't use your own.

While a bit ambiguous, I believe that the sign is intended to discourage only the use of one’s own bags while shopping, rather than being a blanket ban on non-Whole Foods bags. Still, the sign made me do a double-take, and there’s no doubt we’re heading for a period of behavior adjustment on everyone’s part as free disposable grocery bags become rarer.

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  1. sirlearnsalot on October 18th, 2008 @ 9:34 pm

    The signs are indeed there to indicate that customers should not shop "into" their bags, be they Whole Foods brand or otherwise. Basically, keep any and all bags folded up until you fill them up at the checkout.

    It’s not a ban on off brand or other store’s bags.

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