Bumbershoot update: visual arts, etc.

one pot, pre-dinner. photo by josh; bumberset [flickr]

I was looking forward to checking out the “One Pot in Residence” installation by Michael Hebberoy because it seemed like an interesting concept. Throughout the day Bumbershoot artist and members of the public are invited to join in preparation of a meal while film footage from other One Pot events around the world are screened on the walls. At the end of the day, people gather to share the meal and engage in discussion about the “Spirit of 68”. Unfortunately, the installation somehow manages to be both too structured and not structured enough. The theme, as expressed by Hebberoy, is a broad one and having people call for attention and stand up to present their contribution to the discussion makes it a little awkward for those who wander in out of curiosity and weren’t prepared in advance with their films, books and/or musical instruments.

“The Seattle-Tehran Poster Show” has some interesting poster art, if you’re into that sort of thing, and makes an interesting pairing with “Flatstock”.

“Drawing Jam” is a lot of fun – there are plenty of art supplies on hand as well as figure models, easels, and a comfortable environment for expressing yourself through various media. When I stopped in I saw people of all ages and all sorts of levels of ability really enjoying the chance to engage in making some art of their own.

“The Power of One” is very moving. Jackie Renn’s “Voices of Conscience”, Phil Borges’ “Women Empowered: Inspiring Change in the Emerging World” and Katharina Mouratidi’s “The Other Globalisation” all present powerful images of ordinary people transforming the world around them by sheer force of will are inspiring and beautiful. Nina Berman’s “Purple Hearts: Back from Iraq & Marine’s Wedding” with its photos and video of injured soldiers returned from Iraq makes a simple, eloquent anti-war statement.

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