Emerald City Comic Convention :: day 1


What follows after the jump may include some inside baseball, and if you’re not into comic books you might not catch all of it. What is important though is that today was the first day of this year’s Emerald City Comic Convention. Comic creators, fans and press gathered in the Washington State Convention & Trade Center to celebrate this thing we call comics books.

The first thing that a non-comics person would notice when stepping onto the convention floor is the complete range of totally inappropriate style choices for facial hair. We are not as a people a fashionable lot, and while I think most everyone can agree that a t-shirt and jeans is a fine casual clothing option when you start replacing that with a pair of too small shorts and shirt that barely covers the belly button then there are issues, at least when that’s on a guy.

This is not for the faint of heart, I’m glad that I left my fiancee at home, she can deal with me enjoying comics as a hobby, but I don’t know if she could deal with the full force of comic fandom. Can you?


As soon as I arrived I got into line to shake the hand of Wil Wheaton. I enjoyed him as Wesley Crusher back on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but its been his blogging work that had really made me want to shake his hand and get an autograph. Both on his own site [wwdn] and on Metroblogging LA [mbla] he’s been both entertaining and honest, which is hard to do as a writer.

Of course after forty minutes in line I manage to get myself nervous, and when buying his book [mp] and getting him to sign it I end up coming off as unimpressed with the entire thing as if I was buying the book from Barnes & Noble. I’m sure I’ll kick myself about it for days, but when it comes to being a fanboy I hate a great deal of self-conscious self-loathing.

Having learned the last two years that unless you’re wanting to commission a drawing from an artist, it’s generally best to avoid lining up for them, I quickly managed to go from table to table hitting the creators I wanted to get autographs from. My goal was, having finally finished with Wheaton’s line, to not wait in line again today.

My first stop was unplanned, but I noticed Colleen Coover’s [ca] art and having enjoyed it in backup stories in Marvel’s X-Men First Class, I decided to buy a few small prints from her. She was incredibly friendly, and it helped brighten my spirits after feeling an initial bout of feeling completely overwhelmed by the size of the event. She’s done some work for The Stranger, so even if you’re not a Marvel reader you might recognize her art work. In fact everyone I finally did end up meeting was incredibly friendly. Jeff Parker, Gail Simone were both fun to talk to. It’s always nice to know that the comic book you’re reading isn’t being written by a complete asshole.

I finally retreated to one of the presentation rooms for the Spotlight on Tim Sale [ts]. Tim Sale grew up locally, so a number of the people in the audience were either family members or longtime friends. If you’re not familiar with his name you might recognize it from the hit NBC show Heroes where his work is used for the paintings that predict the future, he’s also had successful runs on such comic characters as Batman, Superman and Spider-Man.

Next was the Mondo Marvel Panel (pictured above), which brought together (from left to right) Ed Brubaker, Robert Kirkman, Skottie Young and Jeff Parker all of whom write for Marvel. Brubaker, who lives in Seattle, fielded the most questions since he’s currently writing some of the most popular comics today including Captain America and Uncanny X-Men.

After the panel I left for lunch, realizing it was three and I had yet to eat anything all day. I ended up not going back, since I think I can probably see everything I need to with one day to go.

Anyone else go to the show? Any good stories?

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  2. John Eddy (jaydeflix) on May 10th, 2008 @ 8:34 pm

    Wil also reviews Star Trek episodes on tvsquad.com. =)

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