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Food shows are all the rage, at least in my household. The DVR is chock full of regular cooking shows, reality cooking shows, and everything in between. I do so like to cook and eat.

Thus, I was both excited and dismayed at the announcement that Anthony Bourdain would be returning to the Seattle area for his most recent book tour. Excited because, hello, Anthony Bourdain! Not just a celebrity chef, but one that can write and entertain as well. Dismayed because, holy shit $125! Okay, okay, there are $30 seats, but if you could stand around and shoot the shit with Bourdain, wouldn’t you? Aparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so, since there’s some crazy auction wherein you can have dinner with him via Sitka and Spruce. Crazy because the minimum bid is now $810. Holy cow, Batman! Anyway, for us folks who spend their $810 on all their meals for the month, I guess we’ll be getting those cheap seats at the Moore on June 8th [$].

In other, slightly less spendy and slightly less celebrity news, Tre Wilcox from season 3 of Top Chef will also be making a stop in Seattle [localwineevents]. The wine dinner at the Columbia Tower Club is a benefit for the James Beard Foundation and will also be hosted by Columbia Tower Executive Chef James Hassell. Tickets are $175.

Wilcox actually won one of the Top Chef mini-games on the show when Bourdain was judging. The prize being a stack of Bourdain’s books and a promise to share some booze. Now that, maybe I’d pay some dough to see.

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