43rd LD caucus

43rd LD caucus
Another crowded Saturday of democracy. Record attendance = mild confusion. [10:10 PDT]

update: Five hours, two credentials reports, a hundred speeches, even more questions, and one guest appearance by Sean Astin for Hillary Clinton later and all I can say is that if you thought your precinct caucus was a disorganized time suck, it doesn’t compare to the Legislative District caucus. What it does compare to is my very first visit to the Department of Licensing on a September Saturday a week after moving to Seattle.

The major activity of the day was waiting for mysterious forces beyond our control: in line to sign in, in another line to register to run to be a congressional district delegate, in an auditorium until attendance could be tallied, in an auditorium while delegates could be tallied again, in the same auditorium while ballots could be printed, and in an auditorium while a hundred people gave thirty second speeches for the chance to win one of the fourteen (gender-balanced) delegate seats for Clinton. During all of the waiting, there were numerous repetitive questions, the occasional joke, a bit of hunger (an intrepid hot dog vendor set up shop outside), and a near-unanimous rejection of a motion to kill time by reciting the pledge of allegiance. Judges gave speeches, Jim McDermott gave a speech, surrogates for each candidates gave speeches. I can only imagine that the process was more prolonged in the Obama sub-caucus where something like four hundred people were competing for 53 delegate positions. They seemed to still be in the thick of it when our smaller Clinton group had completed voting.

I had originally signed on to run for a delegate, but when my name appeared on the ballot as “Joshua Ali”, I happily took it as a sign that this was the end of the road for me. Still, I couldn’t bring myself to leave until the speeches were complete. I’m a sucker for civic duty. Plus, I couldn’t leave without voting for Renee LeBoeuf, who put a fatmouse on her campaign flyer.

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