in other blogs: maybe you’d like it better if these were all separate posts?

awesome tilt-shift fiew of capitol hill by by e rose [flickr] via our group pool [#]

  • Um, What’s this? Baghdad Jim brought to Baghdad on Saddam’s dime? This will have no effect on McDermott’s re-election campaign, will it? [seattlest]
  • And the headline winner is . . . “rogue whalers plead guilty” [pi]
  • If this Zidane poster doesn’t make you want to buy or renew you NWFF membership, I don’t know what will. [hotsplice]
  • Another day, another goddamn pillow fight. If we’re not there yet, the day when these go from spontaneous and charming to downright annoying is drawing near. [belltowner]
  • Another day, another tournament. Of music! Slats FTW? [lineout]
  • High priced hops threaten the survival of northwest brewers. Fuck! Drink up mateys! [myballard]
  • Death Cab fan prefers acoustic renditions. That is, another hint of things to come on Narrow Stairs. Download away! [todiebyyourside, via vulture]
  • As much as I liked seeing YACHT and Vampire Weekend last night, I am now a bit sad(er) that I missed Bon Iver. Also: I’d been mentally mis-pronouncing “Bon Iver” for months. [monitormix]
  • Sad that you missed Vampire Weekend last night? And/or want to relive it again and again? This is why you <heart> the internet (and/or, more specifically ace taper Brian Connolly). []

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