Barry Bonds, Mariner? Please God no.

Last week, the sports-blog drums were starting to pound for Bill Bavasi to consider signing legendary ego Barry Bonds for a one year contract to the Seattle Mariners. (See, for instance: USS Mariner, Mariner Monitor, and Geoff Baker’s Mariners blog, although Geoff has a more measured view of the idea.)

Those guys just got a healthy assist from the normally sane Mike Celizic of MSNBC, who wrote a column wondering aloud why Seattle hadn’t signed him to a one-year designated hitter contract.

The logic goes something like this: Bonds wants one more season to get his 3000 hits. He doesn’t have the market value he used to, so he’s not quite as expensive as he used to be. And yeah, there are those pesky legal charges that could put him in jail, but Celizic figures Bonds can afford good lawyers who could keep him outside the Walls for a while longer. And, since the M’s are spending the future to win today, why not spend it on Bonds?

Just a couple of problems:

1. We already spent too much on Erik Bedard. We’re now supposed to spend more for an aging superstar?

2. What about an aging superstar who’s a documented egomaniacal steroid-using headcase, who poisons every clubhouse that he’s in? (And if you don’t agree with that, read “Game of Shadows” or “Love Me, Hate Me.”)

3. And, as the USS Mariner guys pointed out, an aging superstar who will singlehandedly attract more negative sports press than virtually any other player in the game?

I’m no fan of Bill Bavasi’s, but I’d like to hope he’s got more sense than that.

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  1. wesa on March 6th, 2008 @ 4:52 pm

    Um, no.

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