Street of nightmares

What the hell happened in that Street of Dreams fire? A lot of people would like to know. There’s a $100,000 reward being offered for someone who can find the perpetrators.

Maybe it was the ELF. After all, they signed it. Unless the sign was a hoax. The blogosphere is already alive with people who think that the builders were looking for the insurance payout. (Except at least one of the builders says he’s out half a million dollars even after the insurance settlement.)

Some people weren’t happy with the Street of Dreams development this year, even though it was supposed to be a demonstration of sustainable, “green” building practices. Some neighbors sued to block the project, claiming that it would destroy a wetland and potentially harm an underground aquifer.

Me, I think Ardell called it at Rain City Guide. “Maybe it was just someone who hates McMansions and those who can afford them,” she said.

Really? Someone who doesn’t like McMansions? Who could imagine?

Idiots. Let’s hope the arsonists can be found and arrested quickly.

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