Meet your Blarch Badness contenders : Kirida

One of the points of Blarch Badness is to get small good local bloggers more exposure in an increasingly noisy Seattle blogging world. Kirida, which is on a surprising run into the Final Eight, fits right into that model. Mona is a 25 year old native of Saipan who blogs about life as a sailor-mouthed mother in West Seattle. The folks over at West Seattle Blog nominated her for the tourney, saying that she’s the funniest blogger on the Westside. I would have to disagree — she’s one of the funniest this city has to offer, and it’s time she stopped being a West Seattle secret. Of course, now West Seattle Blog has to face the very blog they nominated. How ironic.

I pried an interview out of her while she was changing her husband’s adult diaper.

MB: Does anyone in this town besides you know where Saipan is? Do people hear Saipan and then immediately launch into Japanese, or into some diatribe about the oppressive working conditions in Micronesia?

I’ve had a few people tell me that they know where Saipan is, mostly because their grandfathers served in WWII or they watched Nicolas Cage’s movie Windtalkers. Most people have not heard of Saipan so it give me the opportunity to let people know what a gorgeous gem my home island is. It’s a small blip on the radar, but it’s a stunning and breathtaking part of the Pacific where you can wear shorts all year and watch spectacular sunsets. Sometimes when I share that I’m from a tiny tropical island in the Pacific, I get compliments because I don’t have an accent (go me!) and I speak English “real good.” There are also those who are surpised because I didn’t marry my husband to get citizenship. I already have a passport. What I don’t have is the sweet Nissan Altima he drives which I’ve named “The Silver Bullet.”

MB: What do you love most about Seattle?
This is a tough question because I don’t have just one answer. I love that this city is alive. You cannot be bored in a place packed with parks, bookstores, thrift stores, festivals, and bloggers. Since I first moved here in 2001, Seattle has changed my life. I met my husband, had a child, bought a house, graduated from college and started a career. I love this city because it makes me want to live here.

MB: Which genre of posts receives the most comments from your readers?
People love posts about my significantly older husband, my mother, the Mr. Bean fanatic and my inability to connect with other mothers. One of my most popular posts was a rant on how I want to date other moms but only those who would offer me a tequila shooter instead of telling me their birth stories for the umpteenth time.

MB: What’s your favorite post of the last year?
My favorite post has to be my 2007 year in review in which I cherry-picked moments like how I didn’t choose a copper-IUD because of copper-wire theft, how our house was tagged less than a month after we moved in and how my
husband transformed our garage into a purple and gold homage to the University of Washington.

MB: West Seattle Blog nominated you for the tournament. Now you’re taking them on. How does that make you feel?
I feel extremely honored to have been nominated by bloggers for whom I have so much respect and admiration. I’ve never said this before, but WSB is indirectly responsible for helping find our house. Thanks to WSB’s link last year, a West Seattle mom met me while my husband and I were house hunting and were frustrated with our agent who mainly sold million-dollar beachfront properties and just told us to look for a house with a “good roof.” This lady connected me with her super-talented real estate agent who actually took us to view places and led us to our shiny new house. For that alone, I want to bake WSB a cake but I don’t think I could make one big enough to fit a frosting message that says, “OMG YOU ARE SO AWESOME! THANKS FOR NOT LETTING US BE HOMELESS! KTHXBAI!”

Kirida is in the quarterfinals against West Seattle Blog.

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  1. pam (unregistered) on February 21st, 2008 @ 5:14 pm

    Damn You KIRIDA!!!! (Fist shaking in the air.) I coulda been a contender! Plus, I think you took our moving boxes via Freecycle and you were all "nice blog this and nice blog that…

    Mutter mutter mutter…

    WSB will crush everything in their path.

  2. wsb (unregistered) on February 21st, 2008 @ 5:31 pm

    We’re not really into crushing. But now that Mona’s mentioned we’ve been helpful for something, we’ll feel less bad if we make it out of this round. We really really want that grand prize night in a hotel cause now that we are working fulltime out of the house, 24/7 exposure to the peeling paint and other flaws is driving us batty … or maybe it’s just the lead dust.

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