Meet your Blarch Badness contenders : Mid Beacon Hill


Mid Beacon Hill tried to concede gracefully when the Hood polls were taken over by Diebold. But would we let her? Noooo. Instead we forced her to stay in the race AND submit to an interview by me – drunk and obnoxious spice metroblogger. Why? Because we like her and because we think she’s doing good work. Since J is also extremely nice, she complied with only the slightest hint of arm twisting. Let’s jump right in, shall we…

How many minds are behind Mid Beacon Hill?

Just me.

Are you completely anonymous?

At this point, I’m only nominally anonymous.

When and what got you started in this tawdry blogging business?

A year ago I was doing a lot of gardening and wine drinking and neighborhood picture taking, and I happened to come across a blog by this guy in San Francisco who was doing the same. I loved how his drunken little photo essays captured his love of, and his ambivalence about, the neighborhood where he’d settled down. First I became an obsessive commenter on his blog, and then I decided I had to totally rip it off.

What made you decide to make the switch from plants to neighborhood?

Last year I got carried away by the beauty of the summertime, but I hope to stay on-topic more this year because the neighborhood needs the attention.

Beacon Hill is the forgotten neighborhood of Seattle. (OK, us and South Park.) In terms of land mass, we must be one of the very biggest neighborhoods in the city, but we don’t have a single drugstore, Starbucks, or restaurant with a wine list. Pretty much no one ever comes here unless they live or golf here – there’s no reason to. So the reporters for the dailies are always misidentifying our neighborhood, and that makes it hard even for locals to ever know what’s going on.

What do you love the most about your neighborhood?

Its proximity to Georgetown. OK, that sounds terrible, what else… The sunshine we get because of the lack of trees. The phenomenal views from Jefferson Park. Spooky old Comet Lodge Cemetery. I’m not crazy about the way the neighborhood has been developed over the last 50 years, but I’m in love with the place itself.

What was your favorite MBH post last year?

Since I write about both Georgetown and Beacon Hill, can I pick two?

My favorite Georgetown post was some pictures I took of the Brew House portion of the Rainier Cold Storage complex. There’s no other place like this in the city.

My favorite Beacon Hill post was “Beacon Hill: What’s to Like?” because a bunch of people shared their feelings about the neighborhood and it turned out that most of them are just as conflicted as I am.

Regarding last round’s fishy results: Hanging chads or voter fraud?

No, it was a fair election. Blogging Georgetown and I split the vote because we serve the same constituency. But in the end he deserved to win because he didn’t spend half of 2007 posting about a bunch of stupid plants.

And finally, how happy will you be when this tournament draws to a close?

I’ll be happy if West Seattle Blog wins it all. Don’t you think they might just be the best neighborhood blog in the whole world?


Wait what? Heh. Oh and don’t forget, the poll for Round 2 is open until 9 p.m. this evening.

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