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Blogging Georgetown is not my idea of a typical blog. Why? Because it is useful. John P. consistently delivers passionate, yet thoughtful and well-written advocacy that not just informs his neighborhood, but the surrounding city as well. I may have only been to Georgetown once, but I still read Blogging Georgetown frequently and was more than pleased to be able to interview its author for this tournament.

It was just about this time last year that you were making the switch from P-I Reader blog: Georgetown Stew to Blogging Georgetown. Did the transition and (I imagine) resulting freedom affect your writing as you expected?

Writing for the PI blog was tough for me, because I feel my legitimacy as an independent writer was undermined by the fact that Hearst more or less was getting a freebie, and I was giving it to them. I believe it made it tougher for the community to see my writing as advocacy. In moving on, I could experiment with different topics without fear that I was wandering too far off of the blog’s mission; to escape a sort of self-censorship I felt when I wrote for the PI blog. The end result was–I believe–me being more effective in what I originally set out to do.

Are you still the only contributor?


You’re anonymous, right? How does that affect your ability to report things in the neighborhood?

I’m semi-anonymous. A cross-search could easily reveal who I am, where I live, and what I do for a living. But people in the neighborhood know who I am. I dabble in various local projects and I feel that those personal connections help keep me accountable for what I write.

What is your mission statement?

Be realistic. Demand the Impossible.

What was your favorite BG post last year?

The very short post called “Seattle’s Progress Cult Continues.” I get to talk about Orwell’s important essay on political writing in relation to the insidious idea pushed by local boosters, that “progress” in Seattle shouldn’t be questioned.

What is the best thing about Georgetown?

People here care about the neighborhood, and watch each other’s back. There’s a sort of social libertarianism here that crosses all conventions.

Regarding the last Blarch Badness round: voter fraud or hanging chad?

I blame Ross Perot.

And finally, how much does being included in Blarch Badness mean to you?

It’s been a good opportunity for visibility on issues facing people in the neighborhoods along the Duwamish, and the get out the vote campaign has gotten more locals interested in the blog. Blarch Badness has helped me make a better contribution in those ways.

Nice! Don’t forget, the final Round 2 polls are open until 9 p.m. this evening.

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