Meet Your Blarch Badness Contenders: Seattle Daily Photo

Seattle Daily Photo enters the Blarch Badness competition tomorrow. I asked Kim some questions about her website, her favorite photos, and how the competition last year changed her Seattle outlook. Read on:

MB: When did you start Seattle Daily Photo? I starting contemplating doing SDP in October of 2005. I was at that time a daily visitor to a blog by Eric Tenin called Paris Daily Photo, and a few other loyal readers of his photoblog had contacted him and started similar blogs for their cities in Europe, Asia, and the US. My only digital camera at the time was in my Palm Zire which didn’t have the resolution for a photo blog, and our regular SLR was broken, so I couldn’t take and scan prints either. I was a full time student and working part time, and decided to save for a good digital SLR rather than invest in repairing our film camera. A lot of people were having similar thoughts because an explosion of affiliated new City Daily Photo Blogs took place over the next four months. I started laying out the blog template in November of 2005 and by February 2006 I had saved enough and started seriously camera shopping. Some other things came up that I had to focus on, and when I got back on track to launch the site I discovered another Seattlite named Rose had launched an affiliated blog for Seattle two days before. I was really disappointed. But, as luck would have it, after a couple months Rose stopped posting to her blog and Eric in Paris gave me the go ahead to start. I jumped in with a first post on July 8, 2006. I’ve been posting daily ever since, almost 600 posts now.

MB: How many contributors? I am the sole contributor, with the exception of one guest shot a daily reader sent me.

MB: What’s your mission statement? (Why does this blog exist?) First of all the blog exists as a member of a friendly and supportive global community of affiliated and cross-linked City Daily Photo Blogs, now numbering over 250 cities. I walk as many Seattle neighborhoods as I can and post one photo a day with very brief commentary. Hopefully it gives visitors an insider’s impressions of everyday life and sights here, something they probably won’t get out of a Frommer’s Guide. I love discovering new things about this amazing city, its people and culture, and passing on what I’ve seen and found out about it.

MB: Which genre of photos receives the most comments from your readers? I’m always amazed at the overwhelming response to any variation on the “postcard view” of Seattle from Kerry Park. It’s something that’s been done to death and I’d think folks would say “ho hum,” but enthusiastic comments always abound for that. The other photos that receive the most comments are those from First of the Month Theme Days. Scads of the CDPBloggers post their best interpretation of a theme we’ve mutually picked in advance. It gives visitors the chance to go from blog to blog comparing and contrasting things from city to city. This tends to bring out a lot of creativity in our photos.

MB: What’s your favorite post/photo of the last year? It’s hard to pick one fave photo from among the 365 I posted in 2007. These four came to mind, and I noticed the first 3 were of candid street shot subjects that either wandered in front of me as I was shooting something else or I spotted in the blink of an eye and just had to shoot, the last is a night shot of a building entryway I’d shot before but came upon it some months later after the addition of decorative lights. It interests me that all four I picked are black and white:
James Dean’s Current Incarnation

Weekday Wedding

Beautiful Work In Progress

Lamplit & Sparkley

MB: Which neighborhood is your favorite to visit? Which is my fave neighborhood to visit? It’s always the next one I’m heading out the door to explore for the first time, and it’s the one I’m about to visit for the hundredth time. I love the novelty of the first exposure to an unknown part of town and the things I notice that neighborhood regulars pass right by. I also find I love coming back to the same sites over and over at different times of day and year, really getting to know the place and finding new and richer aspects of it that I hadn’t seen or that have changed or weren’t there the last time. I like to work in a series.

MB: Seattle Daily Photo was nominated and participated in Blarch Badness last year. Has it changed how you maintain the blog at all? What would you tell the readers about Seattle Daily Photo to earn more votes? Last year’s Blarch Badness made me aware of many more Seattle blogs than I knew of, and since then I’ve consistently added links to more local blogs in my sidebar as I’ve come across them. I’ve also gained an appreciation for the sports teams in this city.

I don’t know anything to say that would earn more votes, but would let them know it’s not a commercial photography blog or a travel blog or an art blog. It’s out there for enjoyment, beauty, curiosity, a feeling of place and community, and hopefully a little insight and humor, too. It’s not a soapbox for my views, just a platform for views I find of Seattle. Its a phenomenal creative outlet for me.

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  1. Shawn (unregistered) on February 13th, 2008 @ 10:27 am

    Yay! Am I allowed to say Seattle Daily Photo is my favorite Seattle blog? I highly doubt my opinion would sway the vote… or maybe it will! Go Kim!

  2. brappy (unregistered) on February 14th, 2008 @ 12:08 am

    I too I too <3 SDP :D

  3. brappy (unregistered) on February 14th, 2008 @ 12:10 am

    That didn’t work. "I too love SDP".

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