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Huskies Fan Nathan Ware, of The Original DawgBlawg, was good enough to answer a few questions for us today. He’s gunning to take #1 seed Capitol Hill Seattle out of the running, and the competition between the two blogs has been fierce, and full of fan trash talking. It may be a groundbreaking battle, here at Blarch Badness. Let’s hear what Ware has to say.

MB: What was your impetus for starting up Huskies Fan?

NW: The main goal of starting the Blawg was to counter balance the anti-Huskies propaganda written by Jim Moore at the P-I. Ever since starting the Blawg, the planet seems like a better place. Kidding, of course, well, sort of. It’s kind of funny, too, because when I started the Blawg, I had no idea that it would take off the way it has. It’s been crazy. I could spend 80 hours a week writing.

MB: Are you from Seattle?

NW: I am from Seattle. Born and raised. I’ll probably live here my whole life, too, as I just can’t seem to find a place that feels like home to me the way Seattle does. This city is one of a kind.

MB: Where do you find your content?

NW: I get content from many different places. Much of it is just my personal thoughts on the team. I intently follow the players, the games, the coaches, etc. I’m a season ticket holder for football and basketball so I attend a lot of games and different functions. And, I’m kind of the world’s greatest “fly on the wall.” I find my own ways of hanging out with different people and gleaning information. I always tried to bring something a little different than the other news sources just to give people something unique. There’s never a lack of topics to discuss when you’re talking about UW football and basketball. As a school, we may not win a lot of games but we’re never boring.

MB: Do you have a regular posting schedule?

NW: I post whenever I have an intelligent thought which means that I have no regular posting schedule. Sometimes, I post even when I don’t have an intelligent thought. And, apparently, some people in Southeastern Washington
seem to think I do that more often than normal. In all seriousness, I try not to have a regular schedule as the content might come across as canned and forced. If there’s something interesting to talk about, the content will come naturally.

MB: What types of posts do you think your readers are most interested in?

NW: People seem to like the X’s-and-O’s football content the best. I’ve dedicated a lot of hours into understanding the game of football and I try to translate that into some content that focuses on the strategy of the game. In the old days (the Rick Neuheisel era) , I used to go to football practices and just watch. You’d learn a ton about how everything works. You can’t do that so much nowadays. Unfortunately, that’s hard to do once the season ends but there’s never a dull moment covering Husky athletics. If we aren’t talking about games, we’re talking about recruiting, basketball, local newspapers that love to write nasty things about us, etc. There always seems to be something interesting to talk about.

MB: Do you have a specific audience of readers in mind for your blog?

NW: I seem to have a great cross section of readers. The stuff that the readers write in the “Comments” section is better than the stuff I write half the time. I get a lot of people that don’t live in Seattle so their options for UDub sports news is limited. The best part of writing the blog has been developing relationships with people who write me back and forth. It’s turned into a fun community of die-hard sports fans and – believe it or not – they aren’t all UW fans. The world is full of interesting people.

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