The Anti-Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is made up of a few main components in my house: Turkey, about 5 different fixings, a salad starter, dessert later on. It is a complicated meal that takes all day to prepare and about 4 minutes for my two brothers to devour. Hot pot is my anti-thanksgiving. It is everything that thursday didn’t offer me. Un-american (in the good way), quick, easy, simple. The opposite of thanksgiving.

Available at any number of szechuan restaurants in the city (Sichuanese Cuisine and 7 Stars Peppers, both at the corner of 12th and Jackson are two), you will recieve a pot of boiling broth minutes after you order. You need no other dishes, no apps, no sides, just the hot pot. The two sides of the dish hold the spicy and unspicy broths, the peanut sauce on the side will cool down your steaming food after it comes out of the hot pot. You will be served slices of beef, lamb, chicken, tofu. Noodles, cabbage, you name it, it is there. The fun of the meal is the dipping of each item, letting it cook right in front of you, then eating.

For those who have no interest in turkey sandwiches, who lack the drive to transform their turkey feast into a 7th meal, I reccomend giving the anti-thanksgiving a try.

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