Endurance Matters

Endurance – don’t let people tell you it doesn’t matter. It matters, guys. I mean think about it. At first you’re excited, maybe a little jittery about how things will go. Butterflies, you know. Then it happens with a bang. You start off, slowly at first. You don’t want to burn out right away. You find your pace. It’s nice. Minutes pass. Very nice. Then she looks at you, determination in her eyes. You know it’s time. You try to force doubt out of your mind. “Can I keep up with her? Shut up, dammit and go!” Your pace quickens. Your heart rate climbs. Sweat falls from your forehead. “Breathe, just breathe.” Her hair is flying every which way. “You can do it. Keep up.” Then it happens. Better than you could possibly have imagined. You muster everything you have and…

entry.3.jpg…you find your kick in the last 800 meters and you leave her in the dust! You cross the finish line in at a full sprint! You don’t see her again for another 30 seconds. “That’s right, baby! I smoked you!”

Nothing says I love you like a 5k. Sign up for the Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em Valentine’s Day Dash at Greenlake this Sunday, February 11. Registration is available at the door, er, tent.

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