Urban Parenting

Exactly two months ago I earned a new title: Dad. Coincidentally, my Metroblog posting hit has an all time low. Forgivable, I hope. But the chaos is finally subsiding and I’m back, hopefully for good.

For those of you who are not aware, parenthood has many hidden expectations attached to it. For example, in fortune cookie form:
* Your social life will take an unexpected turn for the worst
* A move to the suburbs is likely
* A mini-van is in your near future

Ah, the American dream. A big suburban home with a big yard to mow. A car for Dad’s two hour commute and a mini-van for Soccer Mom. Too bad it’s not sustainable.

Yes, we have shunned the typical American family dream for a life in the city. No big house; we have a one bedroom condo near Greenlake. No mini-van; we only have a compact car with thoughts of ditching that for Metro, Flexcar, taxis, and rentals. Our social-life lives: we either bring the munchkin with us or have dozens of friends who would take him at the drop of a hat (he’s pretty damn cute).

Speaking of, my wife and I have a hot date at the Elysian tonight and I’m making us late writing this. Nothing like celebrating urban parenting with a frosty pumpkin ale. Mmmmm.

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  1. Peter (unregistered) on October 1st, 2006 @ 1:02 am

    What strikes me most about young parents is the way that photos and videos of the kids are so constant and ubiquitous. Obviously the low cost and ease-of-use of digital still and video cameras, coupled with easy editing programs on the computer is behind all this, but it’s a marked comparison with my own childhood in the 1970s, which doesn’t seem to have left behind more than a few dozen photographs all told. Now, many parents I know seem to fill up a memory card every night.

    So I guess my real question is, have you burned your first DVD and sent it to relatives yet?

  2. Becky (unregistered) on October 1st, 2006 @ 11:46 am

    Yay for you! I hope to keep my urban lifestyle when I have kids someday!

  3. Aaron O. (unregistered) on October 1st, 2006 @ 8:31 pm

    Peter – No comment. :) Actually, no DVDs yet. But my Flickr account already has several hundred photos (private, of course) from my new DSLR.

    Thanks Becky! I’m hoping to post some helpful tips along the way.

  4. Justin (unregistered) on October 2nd, 2006 @ 7:37 pm

    Dude, you have 987 pictures. That would barely fit on a DVD at full-rez.

    You also moved, if you’re looking for more excuses on why your blogging (cough – coauthor) has been sparse.

  5. Aaron O. (unregistered) on October 2nd, 2006 @ 9:09 pm

    Justin- no comment. :)

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