Tourist Season

I know, I know, it’s been tourist season for quite some time. Like you, I’ve been asked many times “How do I get to the Space Needle/the Market/the Ferries/the Lusty Lady?”. Still, I’m intrigued by the Seattle Tourist since this is my first summer in our fair city. I find that they’re a much nicer species than saaay, the tourists for Death Week. (A brief aside: The first year that my boyfriend was in Memphis he freaked out when he saw two Elvis impersonators in the pain medication aisle at Target discussing which brand of pain relief to purchase. “Lookit!!” he exclaimed to me while pointing in their direction. To which I shrugged and said “Eh. You’ll get used to it.”)

But back to our story. This past weekend I watched a family force their daughter to catch the ever elusive Seattle Rain in her hand while they took photos. The daughter, victorious, returned to her family unit only to have her mother make her wash her hands with antibacterial lotion. One never knows what sort of germs this city holds. One just doesn’t.

What run-ins with tourists have you had this season? Were they humourous? Disturbing? Odd? Do tell in comment, please. I’d love to know.

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